Engineering Change to Improve Lives

Thanks to generous gifts, we have been building on our historic strength in traditional disciplines and adding prominent scholars in emerging areas such as biomedical engineering, environmental engineering, nanotechnology, and neurotechnology. 

So what’s on the horizon? Brown engineers are: 

  • Creating an adhesive patch made from a hydrogel material that may reduce the stretching of heart muscle after a heart attack. 
  • Discovering that human cells follow the same rules as non-living particles, shedding light on tissue formation, wound healing, and the spread of cancer. 
  • Making safer, significantly less expensive, and vastly more efficient lead-free perovskite solar cells that are large enough for commercial applications. 
  • Developing a new generation of wireless medical technologies that record and monitor neural activity to assist in the diagnosis and management of neurologic disease. 

Brown’s curriculum produces future leaders who can reach across the campus and beyond to collaborate in key areas of technological innovation. 

“ Engineering at Brown is designed for ambitious and broad thinkers with a passion to make a difference in the world. As we continue to bring top faculty and students to Brown Engineering and support their research, this positions us to innovate in ways that would otherwise not be possible. ”

Larry Larson Sorensen Family Dean of the School of Engineering Professor of Engineering

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