Launching New Ventures

With the Open Curriculum unleashing students to advance knowledge and discovery in unexpected ways, there is a long history of innovation across campus. And the Nelson Center is serving as a far-reaching nexus for education practice that integrates entrepreneurship across the University's fields of study, both inside the classroom and beyond.

We believe that entrepreneurship is not simply a narrow set of skills to apply in the business world—it's a set of tools and approaches that can develop solutions to challenges in fields ranging from healthcare and medicine to environmental issues, public policy, technology and more.

Entrepreneurship has been embedded in Brown's culture for decades. As we have launched the Nelson Center, the energy has been palpable — our mission is to make entrepreneurship an essential part of the Brown experience.

Danny Warshay ’87 Executive Director, Jonathan M. Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship

The Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship is poised to launch exciting new enterprises and inspire careers. Through BrownTogether, we will position the Center to expand the footprint of entrepreneurship at Brown.

Targeted investments will allow Brown to:

  • Support a permanent physical home on campus for entrepreneurship.
  • Hire full-time faculty who will integrate entrepreneurship more fully across the Brown curriculum.
  • Accelerate Brown's efforts to turn innovative ideas from students and faculty into successful endeavors that endure over time.

Why give now?

Our ambitious goals are achievable when we unite to create our shared future: BrownTogether.

For information about specific giving opportunities, contact:

Sarah Santos
Director of Development for Academic Initiatives
+1 (401) 863-1894
[email protected]

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