Addressing today's critical health challenges

Tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use; environmental pollutants and mental health issues. Diseases from autism to dementia. And now the COVID-19 pandemic: the role of public health is more important now than ever.

The School of Public Health’s centers and institutes are addressing public health problems with global implications like these.  

High-impact research has, for example already:

  • Proved how the use of fast-acting fentanyl detection strips reduces opioid overdose deaths.
  • Found that hunger is a health issue, particularly for children and seniors. 
  • Provided new insight that could inform programs aimed at preventing sexual violence among teens. 
  • Made connections between the environment and the risk for suffering a stroke. 

Your gift through the BrownTogether campaign will provide the resources necessary to advance discovery and to prepare the scientists, innovators and leaders of the future to tackle and find solutions for the world’s biggest health challenges.

“ Brown’s culture of multidisciplinary research makes it uniquely capable of addressing the present challenges as well as preparing for the future. ”

Dr. Ashish Jha Dean of the School of Public Health

Support the School of Public Health.

With your help, we can tackle the pressing problems of today and train the public health leaders of tomorrow.

For information about specific giving opportunities, please contact:

Patrick Schaefer
Director of Development for the School of Public Health

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