Addressing today's critical public health challenges

From preparing for the future health emergencies to combating mis- and disinformation to developing effective health policies, the role of public health is more important now than ever. The School of Public Health’s research centers and institutes are addressing public health issues across the nation and around the world.

Faculty and researchers from Brown University make contributions to the field of public health every day, including:

  • Generating, synthesizing, and sharing interdisciplinary evidence and data needed to prepare for, and respond to, future pandemics
  • Designing resilient information spaces that better protect communities from inaccurate or misleading information and promote healthy information consumption habits
  • Researching and effectively communicating how climate change is shaping health outcomes by disrupting food systems, altering disease dynamics, exacerbating storms and wildfires, and driving mass migration
  • Building resilience in public health systems and collaborating on innovative public health policy approaches with a capacity to counter misinformation and improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and affordability of healthcare
  • Training the next generation of diverse public health leaders to develop solutions for the public health challenges of tomorrow and educate the public to reduce illness and save lives

Your gift through the BrownTogether campaign will provide the resources necessary to advance discovery and to prepare the public health scientists, innovators, and leaders of the future to tackle the biggest threats to health in our local communities and around the globe.

“ Brown’s culture of multidisciplinary research makes it uniquely capable of addressing the present challenges as well as preparing for the future. ”

Dr. Ashish Jha Dean of the School of Public Health

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Patrick Schaefer
Director of Development for the School of Public Health

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