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Central to the University’s academic mission, the library provides critical resources across fields as a dynamic physical and virtual hub for advancing education and research. The growth of knowledge is exponential, and the need for expert delivery, management, and navigation of information and massive amounts of data has never been more critical, or challenging. Gifts to the library ensure that Brown has the scholarly tools, materials, and expert support to make breakthroughs that transform our world.

The library is an integral part of making teaching and research at Brown truly exceptional. Targeted investments in the library support:

  • Acquisition, preservation, and access to rare primary sources for inquiry-based learning.
  • Pathbreaking approaches to the use of digital technology for scholarship and teaching, such as the Digital Publications Initiative, which offers new, multimodal ways of presenting and experiencing rigorously peer-reviewed, born-digital scholarly works.
  • Access to cutting-edge journals, databases, and other resources that help drive advances in science.
  • Hands-on experiences for students to acquire new academic skills through working with expert librarians and curators.
  • Instruction for students and faculty in essential scholarly tools and methods—including how to construct literature searches, organize their research process, locate and document sources, and understand copyright and fair use practices.
  • Building more diverse and representative collections and creating new resources for understanding the full range of human experience.

Your support will help the library create a vibrant and supportive knowledge community that will transform the educational experience for all participants and further advance the University’s academic goals.

“ Now more than ever before, libraries play a critical role in understanding our world. Support for the Library has a direct impact on scholarship at Brown, enabling discovery and elevating the educational experience. ”

Joseph S. Meisel Joukowsky Family University Librarian

Support the library

With your help, we can fuel this engine of discovery for all fields of knowledge.


For information about specific giving opportunities, please contact:

Darcy Pinkerton
Director of Development for Academic Initiatives
+1 (401) 863-1162

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