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Brown students looking over a laptop computerThe Brown Alumni Entrepreneurship Group's mission is to inspire, connect and support entrepreneurially-minded Brown alumni around the globe.

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Military ceremony on the main greenBrown University Veterans Alumni Council (BUVAC) provides a way to convene Brown’s growing military-affiliated community by raising awareness of the University’s military-related news and activities and engaging veteran and ROTC through a formal mentoring program.

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Doctor speaking to patientFind resources, news, and connections with Brown's worldwide medical alumni community.

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Three people in front of School of Public Health posterFind resources, news, and connections with Brown’s worldwide public health alumni community.

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RUE Leadership:

  • Jeffrey Liew RUE’13, President
  • Jennifer D. Vincent RUE’13, Vice President
  • J. Holt Littlefield RUE’92, 2nd Vice President
  • Penina Posner RUE’92, Treasurer
  • Kato McNickle RUE’09, Event Coordinator
  • Richard Lear RUE’98, Virtual Chair
  • Margaret Brooks RUE’81, Web/Electronic Communications Chair
  • Kate S. Stephan RUE’00, Regional Vice-Chair (East Coast)
  • Edissa Nicolas-Huntsman RUE’03, Regional Vice-Chair (West Coast)
  • Andres Idarraga RUE’08
  • David Salsone RUE’13

Our mutual ties to College Hill aren't the only thing we share. If you have an area of interest that you would like to connect around, let us know at brunonia@brown.edu and check this page as more topics are added.