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We're in this together. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Brown alumni are doing some remarkable things. Share your perspective on this challenging time using the hashtags below and join a worldwide conversation about how Brown alumni are executing "lives of usefulness and reputation." (Extra points for including Brown swag or traditions.)

Use these hashtags and tag @brownalumni on Instagram and Facebook or @brown_alumni on Twitter for a chance to be featured on Brown’s channels.

  • #EverTrue - Tell your story—or tell us some good news about a fellow Brunonian. Or share words of encouragement or positivity with your community, including the Class of 2020!
  • #BrunoniansAtHome - Are you hunkered down? Show off your improvised work-from-home space, your innovative ways of becoming a homeschool teacher overnight, your newest cooking creation (or fail), what books you're reading, or other ways that you are keeping yourself entertained.
  • #BrunoniansAtWork - Are you an essential employee during this public health crisis? Show off your workspace or share a selfie of you on the job.
  • #BrunoniansTogether - Celebrate the power of the Brown community. Share stories of Brunonians working together or crossing boundaries to make the biggest impact or create something new.
  • #BrunoniansCare - Show how you are giving back in your community—or shoutout other Brunonians who are doing so.
  • #BrunoniansExplain - Teach us something! Help someone discover a new skill or hobby by sharing your expertise with the rest of Brunonia’s community of lifelong learners.

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