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Class of 2020

  • Sophia Sachar, President

Class of 2019

  • Edwin A. Farley, Co-President
  • Douglas Shea, Co-President
  • Alison Veintimilla, Vice President
  • Will Portilla, Public Relations Chair
  • Katrianna Okamoto, Secretary
  • Leticia Calvillo, Treasurer
  • Marisa Kouroubacalis, Communications
  • Waylon Jin, Class Activities Volunteer

Class of 2018

  • Dana Q. Le, Co-President
  • Alexandra S. Lawton, Co-President

Class of 2017


Class of 2016

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  • Candice L. Ellis, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Chair
  • Alexandra Garcia, Vice President Communications
  • Kyle A. McIntyre, Treasurer
  • Alexis H. Daswick, Vice President Activities
  • Christin J. Aucapina, Reunion Activities Chair
  • Sujay Natson, Member-at-Large
  • Jasmine T. Diaz, Member-at-Large

Class of 2015

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  • Brenna E. Cannon, Co-President
  • Alyssa O. Garrett, Co-President
  • Corbin M. Booker, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Chair
  • Lili A. Rosenkranz, Communications Chair
  • Robert B. Tomlinson, Treasurer
  • Mark A. Valdez, Class Activities Chair


  • Alexandra T. Conway
  • Salaar R. Khan

Class of 2014


  • Michelle C. Frea, President
  • Stephanie L. Harris, Vice President
  • Ivy Alphonse-Crean, Treasurer
  • Michael M. Coates, Co-Vice President Activities
  • Yolanda M. Gondwe, Co-Vice President Activities
  • Walter Garcia, Co-Vice President Communications
  • Judge A. Ryan, Co-Vice President Communications
  • Jesse N. Schwimmer, Co-Vice President Communications
  • Yen J. Tran, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Co-Chair
  • Jazmine A. Williams, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Co-Chair
  • Samuel Margo, Reunion Co-Chair
  • Chiemeka F. Onwuanaegbule, Reunion Co-Chair

Class of 2013

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  • Brandon Tomasso, President
  • Ruizhen (Stella) Liu, Co-Vice President
  • Stephanie Vasquez, Co-Vice President
  • Ashley Aydin, Communications Co-Chair
  • Sarah Mooney, Reunion Co-Chair
  • Dylan Remick, Reunion Co-Chair
  • Annisa Khadraoui, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Co-Chair
  • Evangeline (Li) McDonald, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Co-Chair


  • Emily Gould
  • Rachel Ratchford
  • Peter Simon
  • Kelsey Tripp
  • Rahel K. Dette

Class of 2012


  • Araceli Mendez Hintermeister, Co-President
  • Katherine Haves Malitzky, Co-President
  • Aaron Nam, Vice President of Communications
  • Brandon Broome, Treasurer
  • Carly L. Arison, Member-at-Large
  • Heather L. Arison, Member-at-Large
  • Jared D. Bellot, Member-at-Large
  • Nicholas R. Donias, Member-at-Large
  • Mica M. Fidler, Member-at-Large
  • Ralanda Nelson, Member-at-Large
  • Cara F. Rosenbaum, Member-at-Large
  • Jovian Yu, Member-at-Large

Class of 2011

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  • Elaine Jessica C. Tamargo, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Chair
  • Justin A. Coles, Vice President Communications
  • Holly M. Lauridsen, Treasurer
  • Naika A. Apeakorang, Vice President Activities
  • Salsabil Ahmed, Reunion Activities Co-Chair
  • Neil J. Parikh, Reunion Activities Co-Chair
  • Jamal C. Hill, Member-at-Large
  • Rhianna J. Shaw, Member-at-Large

Class of 2010

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  • Petros Perselis, President
  • Ryan G. Grubbs, Vice President
  • Jovan Julien, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Chair
  • Joy Chua-Schwartz, Co-Vice President Communications
  • Whitney E. Lewis, Co-Vice President Communications
  • Christian A. Martell, Ph.D., Co-Vice President Communications
  • Alexander W. Hughes, Treasurer
  • Chijioge O. Nwogu, Co-Vice President Activities & Reunion
  • Angela X. Ocampo, Ph.D., Co-Vice President Activities & Reunion
  • Jake J. Westermann, Co-Vice President Activities
  • Anne J. Francois-Poncet, Reunion Activities Volunteer


  • Reginald B. Cole
  • Natasha Go
  • Sarah R. Magaziner
  • Meha T. Verghese

Class of 2009

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  • Brian A. Becker, Co-President
  • Lorenna L. Ellis, Co-President
  • Melissa S. Revotskie, Vice President
  • John R. Dahdah, Treasurer
  • Stefan A. Smith, Vice President Communications
  • Alberto R. Castellon, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Chair
  • Rebecca J. Ruscito, Vice President Activities
  • Lindsay E. Houle, Reunion Co-Chair
  • Ruth L. Rosenberg, Reunion Co-Chair
  • Rebecca de Sa, Member-at-Large

Class of 2008


  • Isabel Solmonson Cohen, President
  • Marco A. Martinez, Co-Vice President
  • Eric Rodriguez, Co-Vice President
  • Charles E. H. Buaron, Finance Chair
  • Oliver W. Schulze, Communications Chair
  • Susan M. Keller, Activities Co-Chair
  • Alexandra N. Penny, Activities Co-Chair
  • Roger Ramirez, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Co-Chair
  • Octavia A. Giovannini-Torelli, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Co-Chair

Class of 2007

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  • Michael Gladstone, Co-President
  • Lillian Ostrach, Co-President
  • Salima Rasul, Vice President of Communications
  • Reid Brewer, Treasurer
  • Alexandra Briggs, Co-Vice President of Activities
  • Tara Vega, Co-Vice President of Activities
  • Isaac L. Gross, Member-at-Large
  • John A. Harroff, Member-at-Large
  • Shane Sabine, Member-at-Large

Class of 2006

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  • Jessica R. Pesce, President
  • Bali K. Kumar, Co-Vice President
  • Jennifer Paolino Romano, Co-Vice President
  • Adie Buchinsky, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Co-Chair
  • Quinney D. Harris, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Co-Chair
  • Sarah Hurwit Gomel, Communications Co-Chair
  • Melba V. Melton, Communications Co-Chair
  • Peter D. Bergman, Treasurer
  • Joanna V. MacLean, Reunion Activities Co-Chair
  • Alexandra Ocampo, Reunion Activities Co-Chair
  • Grace M. Sur, Reunion Activities Co-Chair
  • Felipe Valencia, Reunion Activities Co-Chair
  • Serena Hon, Member-at-Large

Class of 2005

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  • Anne Bisbano, Communications Chair
  • Rachel Sullivan, Activities Co-Chair
  • Zahara Kassam, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Chair
  • Jabari-Jason Tyson-Phipps, Activities Co-Chair

Class of 2004

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  • Joanna Albright, Co-President
  • Anna Stern, Co-President
  • Dhaval Patel, Co-Vice-President
  • Joshua Troy, Co-Vice-President
  • Luke Albright, Finance Chair
  • Vamsee Chaguturu, Communications Co-Chair
  • Ashwin Cheriyan, Communications Co-Chair
  • Sara Hepburn, Activities Chair
  • Ateesh Chanda, Reunion Co-Chair
  • Molly Sheinberg, Reunion Co-Chair


  • Ben Brier
  • Luis Campillo
  • Susannah Raub
  • Christopher Yee

Class of 2003


  • Mumal Hemrajani, President
  • Benjamin Dalley, Co-Vice President
  • Gabrielle Johnson Napolitano, Co-Vice President
  • Rodrick D. Echols, Treasurer
  • Dania Matos, Communications Co-Chair
  • Seth M. Dorsky, Communications Co-Chair
  • Tarek Khanachet, Reunion Co-Chair
  • Vivek Kothari, Reunion Co-Chair
  • Allen Feliz, Co-Chair Northeast
  • James J. Dominick, Co-Chair Northeast
  • Samuel D. Snead, Activities Chair - Mid-Atlantic
  • Rodrick D. Echols, Activities Chair - Pacific West
  • Genie M. Bang, Activities Chair - Plains
  • Bryan W. Ramm, Activities Chair - Southeast

Class of 2002

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  • Abhas Gupta, Co-President
  • Waciuma Wanjohi, Co-President
  • Konique Ballah, Co-Vice President of Communications
  • Leta Malloy Obertacz, Co-Vice President of Communications
  • Sze Wai Jessica Yau, Treasurer
  • Kate Grossman, Member-at-Large
  • Lindsay Haddix, Member-at-Large
  • George Kong, Member-at-Large
  • Vanessa A. Li, Member-at-Large
  • Celeste Malone, Member-at-Large

Class of 2001

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  • Lauren B. Fay, Co-President
  • Ainsley V. MacLean, Co-President
  • Nicholas J. Everage, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Chair
  • Jennifer Kraemer Gewertz, Co-Vice President Communications
  • Veronica Rotelli Vacca, Co-Vice President Communications
  • Robin G. Nelson, Webmaster / Social Media Chair
  • Celia E. Adelson, Treasurer
  • Alexandra S. Marzelli, Vice President Activities
  • Ramesh S. Iyer, Reunion Activities Co-Chair
  • Wickliffe W. Shreve, Reunion Activities Co-Chair


  • Franklin Chiao
  • Joshua S. Segall
  • James S. Sinai
  • Lindsay Wolfington Collins

Class of 2000

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  • Jennie Kerson Pritzker, President
  • Amra Sabic-El-Rayess, Vice President
  • Ivon Rodriguez de Perez, Communications Co-Chair
  • Naomi B. Ture, Communications Co-Chair
  • Nii-Ama Akuete, Treasurer
  • Shelby Freedman Harris, Class Activities Co-Chair
  • Lauren M. Meltzner, Class Activities Co-Chair
  • Jonathan T. Mooney, Class Activities Co-Chair


  • Jamaica A. Maxwell, Member-at-Large
  • Alexander L. Michael, Member-at-Large

Class of 1999

  • Kate Adamiak Davis, Co-President
  • Annetta Murphy Deutmeyer, Co-President
  • Michelle Kral Dhanda, Co-Vice President
  • Ephraim Wernick, Co-Vice President
  • Robert S. Kang, Communications Chair
  • Adia Benton, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Co-Chair
  • Mary Pan, Ph.D., MBA, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Co-Chair
  • Elisa Bosque-Oliva Baring, Reunion Co-Chair
  • Rachel Rubinger Kaplan, Reunion Co-Chair
  • Caden Williamson Stobart, Member-at-Large

Class of 1998

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  • George Patterson, Co-President
  • Valerie A. Phillips, Co-President
  • E. Peter Freer, Vice President - Finance
  • Michael Mancuso, Vice President - Communications
  • Sarah Beth Jones Talbot, Vice President - Activities
  • Heather Tow-Yick, Vice President - Reunions
  • Jodyann K. Blagrove, Vice President - Diversity & Inclusion


  • Oneshin Aiken
  • Ethan N. Elkind
  • Rashmi Shetty Licht
  • William R. Terpening
  • Montse M. Garriga
  • Connie K. Yang

Class of 1997

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  • David L. Chiang, Co-President
  • Naria B. A. Halliwell, Co-President
  • Laura A. Lee, Co-Vice President of Activities
  • Page M. Sargisson, Co-Vice President of Activities
  • Elizabeth Davis-Nalle, Co-Vice President of Communications
  • Bonnie Morrison, Co-Vice President of Communications
  • Taylor R. Margis-Noguera, Treasurer
  • Eliot Pierce, Web Master
  • Daniel H. O'Keefe, Reunion Co-Chair
  • Sonal Patel, Reunion Co-Chair
  • Julian A. Baring, Class Activity Chair
  • Wilfrid N. Schlumberger, Class Activity Chair

Class of 1996

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  • Claudia E. Conti, Co-President
  • Ray M. Cornacchia, Co-President
  • David J. Chanley, Vice President
  • Adrienne Shin Ehrhardt, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Co-Chair
  • Rajanya S. Petersson, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Co-Chair
  • Dana M. Brown, Communications Co-Chair
  • Kevin B. Murphy, Secretary
  • Steven W. Sibley, Treasurer
  • Kenneth J. Fields, Activities Chair


  • Phoebe deLima Knowles
  • Judy Slater
  • Joshua B. Spector

Class of 1995

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  • Denielle Bertarelli-Webb, President
  • Ruth L. Neighbors, Vice President
  • Joelle A. Murchison, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Chair
  • Erin Mancuso Hobey, Communications Co-Chair
  • Atabey Sanchez-Haiman, Communications Co-Chair
  • Lee J. Humphrey, Social Media Chair
  • David E. Chinitz, Co-Finance Chair
  • Stephen W. Gilheeney, Finance Co-Chair
  • Steven S. Shin, Co-Treasurer
  • Mona Zisimopoulos, Class Activities Chair
  • Jed F. Lippard, Member-at-Large
  • Sharmila Rao Thakkar, Member-at-Large
  • Mandy Lee Tachiki, Member-at-Large


  • Jed F. Lippard
  • Mandy Lee Tachiki
  • Sharmila Rao Thakkar

Class of 1994

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  • Diane R. Johnson, President
  • Yasuharu Okuda, Vice President Finance
  • Erica Forssen Wines, Vice President Communications
  • Kathleen Hill Sharp, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Chair
  • Bernadette Aulestia, Activities Committee
  • Kehli Harding Woodruff, Activities Committee

Reunion Activities Committee

  • Rahsan-Rahsan D. Lindsay
  • Clara Markowicz

Class of 1993

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  • Thomas S. Reynolds II, Co-President
  • Tracey Liao Van Hooser, Co-President
  • Osman A. Khan, Co-Vice President
  • Rebecca S. Ip, Co-Vice President
  • Srihari S. Naidu, Communications Chair
  • Ilyas O. Kanaan, Treasurer
  • Daryl D. M. Twitchell, Reunion Chair
  • Eleanor M. Brown, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Co-chair
  • Heidie Joo Burwell, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Co-chair
  • Madeleine Choquette Durkin, Community Outreach Chair

Class of 1992

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  • Deborah F. Karpel Leon, Co-President
  • Sonya S. Sondhi, Co-President
  • Kwame K. Campbell, Co-Vice President of Communications
  • Jeffrey A. Wolfson, Esq., Co-Vice President of Communications
  • Jim Dand, Web Master
  • Andrew Curtis, Treasurer


  • David J. Brown 
  • Richard Chang
  • Yeuen Kim
  • Emma Bermingham Lopez
  • Andrea C. Shen

Class of 1991

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  • Andrea Silverman Meyer, Co-President
  • Jim J. Yang, Co-President
  • Felix J. Dreyfous, Vice President Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Peige Loh Katz, Vice President Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Tracy Mencher Jaffe, Co-Vice President Communications
  • Gayle D. Weiswasser, Co-Vice President Communications
  • Yishane Lee, Vice President - Website
  • Lorine T. Pendleton, Treasurer
  • Tracey L. Scronic, Co-Vice President Activities
  • Jonathan R. Struthers, Co-Vice President Activities and Reunion Activities Committee
  • Will L. Yu, Co-Vice President Activities

Reunion Activities Committee

  • Abigail Marr Doft
  • Sharon Loferski Engler
  • Melissa Stern Gleason
  • Anne MacMillan Pedrero
  • Lawrence H. Stern
  • Melissa Roth Triedman
  • Akhil K. Unni
  • Eupremio F. Zizza

Class of 1990

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  • Jonathan M. Steinberg, Co-President
  • Joan K. Gelin, M.D., Co-Vice President
  • Lisa D. Ryers, Co-Vice President
  • Michael C. Buchanan, Treasurer
  • Ruta E. Brickus, Co-Secretary
  • Julia Hyun-Lee, Co-Secretary

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

  • Elena Q. Gerli, Esq., Co-Chair
  • Maria Cristina C. Sales, Co-Chair

Communications Committee

  • Stacy Bereck Chernosky
  • Keith E. Wexelblatt
  • Courtney A. Wilson

Activities & Innovation Committee

  • Joseph S. Kavesh
  • Stephen J. Kim
  • Daniel L. Kraft
  • Charles A. Luband
  • M. Rodney Robinson

Reunion Activities Committee

  • Jennifer Backus, Co-Chair
  • Jennifer Ord Bonadio, Co-Chair
  • Elena Q. Gerli, Esq., Committee Member

Class of 1989

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  • Michael Tate, President
  • Jessica M. Kowal, Vice President

Class of 1988

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  • Heather Liddell Lauten, Co-President
  • Michael McGarry, Co-President
  • William J. Decastro, Co-Vice President
  • Emma Owens Kerins, Co-Vice President
  • Vinny Egizi, Co-Vice President - Communications
  • Ajuan Mance, Co-Vice President - Communications
  • John D. Powers, Co-Vice President - Communications
  • Thomas P. Lord, Co-Vice President - Communications
  • Paul Zimmerman, Vice President Activities
  • Jonathan Kim, Vice President - Finance
  • William Acevedo, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Co-Chairs
  • Inji Islam, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Co-Chairs
  • Christine Tung, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Co-Chairs
  • Dominique Shelton, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Co-Chairs
  • Michele Cavataio Sacconaghi, Member-at-Large
  • Ellen Jensen Abbott, Member-at-Large
  • Marisa Schwartz, Member-at-Large

Reunion Activities Committee

  • Diana E. Winston
  • Maria E. Deasy
  • Kim Silverman Grutman
  • Hiram Pines
  • Deborah Kuklis

Class of 1987

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  • Pamela D. Gerrol, President
  • John R. Rafferty, Vice President
  • Karen Robinson-Hunte, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Chair
  • Richard Perera, Jr., Vice President of Communications
  • Kirsten Robinson, Web Master
  • Diana V. Reeves, Treasurer
  • Alik Farber, Vice President of Activities
  • Elizabeth M. Cowles, Reunion Co-Chair
  • Aldon R. Collier, Reunion Co-Chair


  • Suzanne Auclair
  • Maria O. Evonsion
  • Joseph MacDougald
  • Lisa C. MacDougald

Class of 1986

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  • Krista Rimple Bradley, Co-President
  • Darryl J. Shrock, Co-President
  • Petra J. Thomas, Vice President
  • Franklin Chen, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Co-Chair
  • Mary-Jo Haronian, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Co-Chair
  • Donna M. Neale, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Co-Chair
  • Cecilia F. Pineda, Co-Vice President Communications
  • Bradford L. Saffer, Co-Vice President Communications
  • Scott E. Joy, Vice President - Website
  • Christine N. Schneider, Treasurer
  • Paul Gallagher, Co-Vice President Activities and Regional Representative - South
  • Anne Fisher Vollen, Vice President Activities
  • Anna M. Armstrong, Regional Representative - Northern CA
  • Marcy Jack Barnes, Regional Representative - Texas
  • John W. Bliss, Regional Representative - Northern CA
  • Marion B. Brody, Regional Representative - Philadelphia
  • Rose Zacharia Cartolari, Regional Representative - Europe
  • Krista Despotovic-Jacobson, Regional Representative - Europe
  • Lisa A. Ferrari, Regional Representative - New York
  • Robert P. Kovacik, Regional Representative - Southern CA
  • Andrea Kupferberg-Brown, Regional Representative - Chicago
  • John I. Song, Regional Representative - Southeast
  • Paul A. Udris, Regional Representative - Minnesota
  • Celeste E. Williams, Regional Representative - Southeast
  • Andrew R. Young, Regional Representative - New England
  • Parinaz Ziai Bahadori, Regional Representative - DC and Activities Committee
  • Cristina Fernandez-Carol McQuistion, Reunion Activities Co-Chair
  • Lenore A. Petteruti, Reunion Activities Co-Chair
  • Robert J. Imbriano, Member-at-Large
  • Beena Sarwar, Member-at-Large
  • Marcy A. Sandler, Nominations Co-Chair

Class of 1985

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  • Laura L. McConwell, Co-President
  • Thomas A. Meyers, Co-President
  • Katani Eaton Sumner, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Co-Chair
  • Michele Baker Richardson, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Co-Chair
  • John M. Jemail, Esq., Communications Co-Chair
  • Ellen Taschioglou Parsons, Communications Co-Chair
  • Wesley A. Merritt, Treasurer
  • Hope A. Ricciotti, M.D., Class Activities Co-Chair
  • Scott M. Zahler, Esq., Class Activities Co-Chair
  • Bradley O. Ramberg, Reunion Co-Chair
  • Tom Sebok, Reunion Co-Chair


  • Eefei Chen, Ph.D.
  • Chris Girgenti
  • Jonathan D. Gworek
  • Grace M. Kim
  • Andrew W. Menzin, M.D.

Class of 1984

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  • Jeffrey A. Anderson, Co-President
  • Amy L. Davidson, Co-President       
  • Darcy A. Travlos, Vice President Reunions                        
  • Frannie R. Kronenberg, Vice President Activities
  • Marc T. Shivers, Treasurer                  
  • Joan Winter Skerritt, Communications Chair
  • Anne P. Haley, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Co-Chair
  • Harry W. Holt, Jr., Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Co-Chair
  • Pam Arya, Regional Representative Chair 

Regional Representatives 

  • Bruce Bower, San Francisco
  • Jan Goodheart, Miami
  • Rhonda Gans, Chicago

Reunion Activities Committee

  • Tara N. Noonan Amaral
  • Pamela Ayra
  • Jeanie Eastman-Ryan
  • Jonathan Ebinger
  • Rhonda Y. Gans
  • Amy Golden


  • Fred Brodie
  • Marcia Brown 
  • A. Jonathan Speed
  • Keith Stein
  • Margaret J. Tormey

Class of 1983

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  • Henrik Jones, Co-President
  • Ellie Manko Libby, Co-President
  • Joan MacLeod Heminway, Co-Vice President
  • Dorsey James, Co-Vice President
  • John Hare, Co-Vice President Activities
  • Casey Cole Ray, Co-Vice President Activities
  • Laura W. Haynes, Vice President Communications
  • Janine R. Gold, Treasurer
  • Brenda J. Balon, Nominations Chair


  • Marcia J. Fusilli
  • Elise J. Goyette
  • Amy Silberstein
  • Donna Zaccaro

Class of 1982

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  • Liza L. Boyajian, Co-President
  • Teresa D. Sevilla, Co-President
  • Roger H. Baumgarten, Vice President of Communications
  • Barbara Ballin Newman, Secretary
  • Lisa Rothstein,  Vice President of Communications
  • Kim F. Drexler, Treasurer
  • Leon Johnson, Co-Vice President of Activities
  • Vicky Oliver, Co-Vice President of Activities
  • Brian D. Adler, Member-at-Large
  • Kenneth A. Citak, Member-at-Large
  • Susan Meckauer Corkett, Member-at-Large
  • Amanda Jonas Freeman, Member-at-Large
  • Adrienne Knoll, Member-at-Large
  • Diane Krivit Katzman, Member-at-Large
  • Linda S. Kulla, Member-at-Large
  • Diana Marcus Muller, Member-at-Large
  • David L. Marcus, Member-at-Large
  • Steve A. Marks, Member-at-Large
  • Linda Saxl Minton, Member-at-Large
  • Vanessa Turi Pesec, Member-at-Large
  • Christina H. Rebholz, Member-at-Large
  • Patti Galluzzi, Reunion Co-Chair
  • Deborah Branch, Reunion Co-Chair

Class of 1981

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  • E. Robert Lupone, Co-President
  • Naeem Zafar, Co-President
  • Charles E. Taylor, Vice President
  • Aliza Knox, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Chair
  • Suzanne P. Curley, Webmaster
  • Elena T. Kissel, Secretary
  • Irene S. Sudac, Treasurer
  • Paula J. Rackoff, Reunion Activities Chair
  • Micah D. Rubenstein, Reunion Activities Chair


  • Liz P. Barratt-Brown
  • Peter N. H. Burrow
  • Richard B. Carey
  • Elizabeth G. Fairchild
  • Todd B. Linden
  • Jerry Saliman
  • Richard H. Soule Jr.
  • Clare Boreschlein Hare

Class of 1980

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  • Barbara Laskey Weinreich, President
  • Nancy Chick Hyde, Co-Vice President
  • Cayetano Sanchez, Co-Vice President
  • Thomas C. Hier, Treasurer
  • Virginia D. Brelsford, Co-Secretary
  • Mary R. Minow, Co-Secretary
  • Karen Shapiro, Reunion Activities Co-Chair
  • Shelly C. Weiss, Reunion Activities Co-Chair


  • Rachel I. Balaban
  • Sandra Marshall Booth
  • Charles R. Effron, M.D.
  • Ellen Falb-Newmark
  • John C. Huebschmann, M.D.
  • Peter L. Kobs
  • Javette Pinkney Laremont
  • Dolores M. McDonagh
  • Elizabeth V. Roberts, Ph.D.
  • Sally Solis-Cohen
  • Kirk J. Stambler

Class of 1979

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  • Richard P. Sedano, President
  • Frank P. Fuerst, Co-Vice President
  • Jeffrey A. Graham, Co-Vice President
  • Lynette Allison Carr, Treasurer
  • Fred Cooper, Communications Co-Chair
  • Charles “Chuck” Jackson, Communications Co-Chair

Reunion Activities Committee

  • Pia Brown
  • Robert A. Fields
  • Mark S. Holmes
  • Abby L. Jennis
  • Todd I. Richman
  • Alan D. Schiffres
  • Robert G. Sussman
  • Margaret Y. Woo

Class of 1978


  • Stephen Owens, President
  • Patsy Dimm, Vice President Communications
  • Lionel G. Romain, Treasurer
  • Karen Berlin Ishii, Communications Co-Chair
  • Adrienne Muller Camesas, Reunion Co-Chair
  • Christine Evangelides Donovan, Reunion Co-Chair
  • David L. Paul, Reunion Co-Chair
  • Michael A. Ursillo, Reunion Co-Chair
  • Richard J. Staples, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Co-Chair
  • Carolyn A. Corbett, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Co-Chair
  • Bill Lichtenstein, Web Master


  • Peter D. Bopp
  • Marjorie A. Smith
  • Elizabeth A. Cheng
  • Dorcey Baker
  • Edith Adams Allison
  • Donna Osborne Bradley
  • Lynn Steinberg Redd
  • Brian S. Witherspoon

Class of 1977

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  • Kenneth I. Dill, President
  • Deborah Chick Burke, Co-Vice President
  • Sabrina Gallop, Co-Vice President
  • Lucinda A. Flowers, Co-Vice President
  • Mark J. Hauser, Web Master
  • Jean A. Follett, Communications Chair

Class of 1976


  • Todd K. Abraham, President
  • John G. Andrews, Treasurer and Secretary
  • Kevin G. Rudden, Communications Chair


  • Joseph L. Burno Jr.
  • Susan Mazonson
  • Gail R. Solomon
  • William A. Tanenbaum
  • Theodore E. Tisch

Class of 1975

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  • Gail E. McCann, President
  • Dennis M. Coleman, Co-Vice President
  • Faith A. LaSalle, Co-Vice President
  • Denise Bledsoe Slaughter, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Chair
  • Rhonda Port Walker, Communications Chair
  • Bill J. Taylor, Treasurer
  • Charles T. Connell, Reunion Activities Chair


  • Diane DiGianfilippo Scott
  • Timothy E. Smith

Class of 1974

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  • Carol Norris Brown, President
  • Bradley B. Cruickshank, Vice President Finance
  • Scott R. Harris, Co-Vice President Communications
  • James M. Morris, Co-Vice President Communications
  • Theodore J. Clarke, Engagement Coordinator
  • Karin A. Kramer, Engagement Coordinator
  • Susan A. Buffum, Reunion Co-Chair
  • Diane Rogers Montgomery, Reunion Co-Chair

Class of 1973

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  • Marie B. Stoeckel, President
  • Brian H. Cullman, Co-Vice President
  • Charles Dunn, Co-Vice President
  • William Forlenza, Co-Vice President
  • James Hahn, Treasurer
  • Mary Hutchings Reed, Communications Chair

Reunion Activities Committee

  • Curtis Blessing  
  • Robert W. Leary
  • Michael J. O'Neil
  • Jeff C. Schreck

Class of 1972

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  • Donald L. Stanford, President
  • Robert P. Elfering, Jr., Treasurer
  • Daniel A. Cummings, Member-at-Large
  • Mark S. Blumenkranz, Activities Co-Chair
  • Tamara Clemens Morgenstern, Activities Co-Chair
  • Linda Y. Papermaster, Reunion Chair

Activities Chairs:

  • Mark S. Blumenkranz 
  • Daniel Cummings
  • Tamara C. Morgenstern 
  • Linda Y. Papermaster

Class of 1971

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  • Elie Hirschfeld, President
  • Thomas I. Acosta, Co-Vice President
  • Christy Carpenter, Co-Vice President
  • Martha Clark Goss - Co-Vice President
  • Edwin M. C. Wilson, Treasurer
  • Darrell D. Davidson, Co-Vice President Communications
  • Amleto A. Pucci, Jr., Webmaster

Class of 1970

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  • Clifford M. Renshaw, President
  • Harold Bailey, Jr., Vice President
  • David P. Whitman, Treasurer
  • Yardena F. Arar, Co-Vice President Communications
  • Geraldine Lemoi Williams, Co-Vice President Communications
  • Susan Di Norscia McMillan, Scholarship Representative
  • Elaine Berlinsky Fain, Reunion Co-Chair
  • Janice B. Kruger, Reunion Co-Chair
  • Kenneth R. Miller, Member-at-Large

Class of 1969

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  • Scott D. Somers, President
  • Robert Sherman, Vice President
  • David Parker, Treasurer
  • Linda Abbott Antonucci, Secretary
  • Elizabeth A. Holochwost, Reunion Chair
  • Ido Jamar, Ph.D. , Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer


  • Thelma M. Austin
  • George Lister, M.D.
  • James A. Northrop

Class of 1968

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  • John B. Keane, President
  • Sandra L. Richards, Vice President
  • Thomas F. Coakley, Treasurer
  • Joel P. Bennett, Communications Co-Chair
  • Ginger Heinbockel Ignatoff, Communications Co-Chair
  • Martin F. Mueller, Reunion Activities Chair

Class of 1967

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  • Sharon B. Drager, Co-President
  • Keith R. Mosher, Co-President
  • Glenn W. Mitchell, President Emeritus
  • David N. Chichester, Treasurer
  • Judith Minno Hushon, Ph.D., Co-Vice President of Communications
  • James R. Van Blarcom, Co-Vice President of Communications
  • Carolyn Laughlin Vandam, Member-at-Large

Class of 1966


  • Pasco Gasbarro, Jr., President
  • Jaclynne Horn Laxon, Co-President
  • Judith Nelson Griemsmann, Co-Vice President
  • Richard E. Ballou, Treasurer
  • Barry Z. Aframe, Member-at-Large
  • David A. Deutsch, Member-at-Large
  • Leila Heckman-Robinson, Member-at-Large
  • Virginia A. Chappell, Co-Secretary

Class of 1965

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  • Therese Alschuler Hale, Member-at-Large
  • Web W. Hull, Member-at-Large
  • Nancy R. Rockwell, Member-at-Large
  • Virginia Newton Scharfenberg, Member-at-Large

Class of 1964

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  • Bernard R. King (Ben), Co-President
  • Berit Spant Muh, Co-President
  • Linda Mason Aminoff, Co-Vice President
  • Lawrence A. Kerson, Co-Vice President
  • Arthur S. Priver, Secretary and Communications Chair
  • David S. London, Treasurer

Reunion Co-Chairs

  • James L. Knoll
  • Manuel Menezes
  • Rhoda Nagin Rudick
  • Diane Jones Slaney


  • William M. Braucher
  • Timothy D. Jaroch
  • William A. Levine
  • John E. Marshall III
  • Susan Bloch Minker
  • Dewey Moser
  • Dudley L. Post
  • Carl R. Schulkin
  • Stephen L. Smith
  • Alan L. Stanzler
  • Albert R. Vandam

Class of 1963

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  • Glenn Cashion, President
  • William M. Silverman, Vice President
  • Barbara Smith Langworthy, Secretary
  • Fred A. Parker, Treasurer
  • Joseph K. Fisler, Reunion Activities Co-Chair
  • Mary Clark Levine, Reunion Activities Co-Chair


  • Martha Mc Cauley Anderson
  • Elaine Piller Congress        
  • Lawrence R. Gross    
  • Jennifer Ketay Brock    
  • Gail Caslowitz Levine        
  • Robert O. Phillips    
  • James M. Seed    
  • Jane E. Sisk    
  • Nicholas J. Spiezio    
  • Robert E. Tortolani

Class of 1962

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  • Leonard J. Charney, President
  • Helene S. Kenvin, Historian

Class of 1961


  • Robert F. Lowe Jr., President
  • Roger B. Simon, Vice President
  • Miss Claire J. Henderson, Treasurer
  • Beth Burwell Griffiths, Secretary
  • Ellen S. Meyer, Reunion Co-Chair

Class of 1960


  • William J. Brisk, Ph.D., President
  • Joan Hoost McMaster, Vice President
  • Jane Doane Anderson, Communications Chair
  • Paul J. Choquette, Jr., Treasurer

Class of 1959

  • Peter A. Mackie, Co-Vice President
  • Diane E. Scola, Co-Vice President
  • Caryl-Ann M. Nieforth, Secretary

Class of 1958


  • James R. Moody, Co-President
  • Jane Bertram Miluski, Co-President
  • Stan Dobson, Co-Vice President
  • Robert C. Wood Sr., Treasurer
  • Jill Hirst Scobie, Secretary

Class of 1957


  • Robert H. Goff Jr., President
  • August A. White, III, President Emeritus

Class of 1956

  • Joyce M. Anderson, Co-President
  • Nancy Dawn Jones, Co-Treasurer
  • J. Kenneth Golder Jr., Web Master
  • Jenifer M. Massey, Reunion Co-Chair

Class of 1955


  • John D. O'Brien, President
  • R. Alan Lawson,  Treasurer
  • Lucy B. Tortolani, Secretary

Class of 1954


  • Felice Kirsh, President
  • Jean Nostrand, Vice President
  • Nancy Judkins, Treasurer
  • Margery G. Sharp, Secretary
  • Diana Gill, Reunion Co-Chair


  • Edward F. Bishop, President
  • Ron Abdow, Vice President
  • Frank Wezniak, Treasurer
  • Marshall H. Cohen, Secretary
  • Herbert Cohen, Executive Committee Member
  • Frank Wezniak, Executive Committee Member

Class of 1953

  • Barbara Kemalian Stone

Class of 1952

  • Barbara Hail, Class President and Reunion Chair
  • Annette Leyden, Treasurer
  • Joseph B. Munro Jr., Secretary

Class of 1951


  • Constance H. Del Gizzi, President
  • Anne H. Brock, Board Member


  • Eugene G. Weinberg, President
  • Warren B. Galkin, Treasurer
  • Guido R. Salvadore, Secretary

Class of 1950

  • Paul D. Lipsitt, Co-President
  • Russ Kinne, Vice President

Class of 1949

  • Mars J. Bishop, President
  • Alan S. Flink, Vice President
  • Harold Gadon, Secretary and Treasurer
  • Dolores Pastore DiPrete, Board Member
  • Anne Day Archibald, Board Member
  • Marjorie Logan Hiles, Board Member

Class of 1948


  • Gloria Winston, Co-President

Class of 1947

  • Irene Margolis Backalenick, Secretary

Class of 1946


  • Edward N. Clarke, Ph.D., Vice President
  • Earl W. Roberts Jr., Treasurer
  • Harold W. Demopulos, At-Large Member
  • Joseph Penner, At-Large Member

Class of 1944


  • Lillian Carneglia Affleck, Co-President

Class of 1943

  • Robert Traill Jr., Vice President

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