Affinity Groups

Engage with Brunonians who share your interests and passions by joining an affinity group.

One alumni body, many voices.

We share more than just our ties to Brown. Through our affinity groups, alumni with common interests, identity, and purpose can connect across generations, regions, and professions with one another and the University. Together, they are working to enrich the Brown experience for the entire community.

Dancer performingA4 was created in 2003 to build connections between and among Brown University and its Asian and Asian American alumni, to encourage and facilitate positive experiences and engagement with the University, to act as a conduit and facilitator to adequately address the needs of the Brown Asian and Asian American community, and to build partnerships with members of the greater Brown community.

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A4 Leadership:

  • Yen Tran ’14, President, New Haven, CT
  • Vi Mai ’17, President-Elect, Boston, MA
  • Waylon Jin ’19, Treasurer, New York, NY
  • Tho Phan ’11, Ex-officio Board Advisor, Philadelphia, PA
  • Mingyi Wu '19 Secretary, East Greenwich, RI

Brown students looking over a laptop computerThe Brown Alumni Entrepreneurship Group's mission is to inspire, connect and support entrepreneurially-minded Brown alumni around the globe.

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People dancing in a roomBULAC seeks to maximize the Brown experience for Latinos, to serve as a representative voice for Latino alumni and to assist in the unification of alumni efforts to further and support the interests of Brown University. These goals shall be accomplished through networking, advocacy, and engaging (educationally and socially) Latino members of the Brown community and others.

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BULAC Leadership:

  • Araceli M. Hintermeister '12, President, Dallas, TX
  • Ivon Rodriguez ‘00 EMBA '16, Vice President of Communications, Miami, FL
  • Rachaell Diaz '19, Vice President of Regional Engagement
  • Silvina Hernandez '17, Vice President of Campus Affairs, Dinuba, CA
  • Guillermo de los Santos EMBA '20, Vice President of Finance, Switzerland

Regional Groups

Brown University Latino Alumni Community of Boston


  • Araceli Hintermeister ’12
Brown University Latino Alumni Community of Chicago (BULAC-CHI)


  • Vivian Garcia ’10
Brown University Latino Alumni Community of Los Angeles (BULAC-LA)


  • Marisa Hernandez-Stern ’05
  • Rudy Torres ’16
Brown University Latino Alumni Community of Miami (BULAC-MIA)


  • Araceli Hintermeister ’12
Brown University Latino Alumni Community of the New York Area (BULAC-NY)


  • Liliana Polo-McKenna ’00
  • Elsa Mora ’15
Brown University Latino Alumni Community of Providence (BULAC-PVD)


  • Ramon Stern ’04
Brown University Latino Alumni Community of San Diego (BULAC-SD)


  • Patricia B. Zayas ’91
  • Christina Abuelo ’91

Military ceremony on the main greenBrown University Veterans Alumni Council (BUVAC) provides a way to convene Brown’s growing military-affiliated community by raising awareness of the University’s military-related news and activities and engaging veteran and ROTC through a formal mentoring program.

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Brown seal banner and rainbow flag hanging next to each otherTBGALA, an affiliated organization of the BAA, seeks to maximize the Brown experience for LGBTQ alumni/ae and students by serving as a representative voice for the LGBTQ alumni community in furthering and supporting the alumni interests of Brown through networking, advocacy, engagement, and the marshaling of alumni/ae experiences to serve the well-being of LGBTQ alumni and the betterment of the current student body.

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TBGALA Executive Committee 2021-2022:

  • Ryan Grubbs ’10, Brooklyn, NY, TBGALA Immediate Past-President
  • Mara Gottlieb ’93, Stamford, CT, TBGALA Co-Chair                   
  • Tyler Rubin ’99, Ho Ho Kus, NJ, TBGALA Co-Chair

Regional Groups:



TBGALA in Providence


TBGALA in San Francisco


Group of women hugging on campusThis new initiative is bringing together a vibrant community of Brunonian women who are interested in tapping into their shared Brown roots for their lifelong social, professional, and intellectual development.

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Alumni hugging each otherIPC aims to strengthen Brown by directly addressing the needs and concerns of its Black alumni and establishing a productive interaction among Black alumni, students, faculty, and staff. Members of IPC endeavor to channel their energies toward broadening opportunities for the Black community of Brown and maximizing Black alumni participation in the life of the University.

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IPC Leadership:

  • Eldridge H. Gilbert, III ’05, President, Brooklyn, NY
  • Andrea O'Neal ’03, President-Elect, Washington, DC
  • Steven Hunter ’99, Treasurer, Chicago, IL
  • Stephanie Harris ’14, Secretary, New York, NY
  • Hassani Scott ’17, Recent Grad, Los Angeles, CA

Student performing on campusNABA seeks to improve connections among Native American Brown students and alumni; to better the learning and living experience of students through the support of campus groups; to increase Native American matriculation, retention, and graduation; to foster community between local Native American Tribes and the University; and to raise awareness of Native American issues.

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NABA Executive Committee 2021-2022:

  • Davida Delmar ’07, Phoenix, AZ
  • Ashley McDonnell ’12, San Francisco, CA
  • Loyola J. Rankin ’12, Albuquerque, NM

RUE Leadership:

  • Jeffrey Liew RUE’13, President
  • Jennifer D. Vincent RUE’13, Vice President
  • J. Holt Littlefield RUE’92, 2nd Vice President
  • Penina Posner RUE’92, Treasurer
  • Kato McNickle RUE’09, Event Coordinator
  • Richard Lear RUE’98, Virtual Chair
  • Margaret Brooks RUE’81, Web/Electronic Communications Chair
  • Kate S. Stephan RUE’00, Regional Vice-Chair (East Coast)
  • Edissa Nicolas-Huntsman RUE’03, Regional Vice-Chair (West Coast)
  • Andres Idarraga RUE’08
  • David Salsone RUE’13