Stewarding the World

Faced with a rapidly growing population and a changing climate, our world is in immediate need of strategies that support human aspirations and well-being while sustaining the robust diversity of life on earth.

Established in 2014, IBES brings together a dynamic group of ecologists, climatologists, sociologists, economists, historians and other scholars who address complex environmental challenges from the multiple perspectives they require.

“ The Institute at Brown for Environment and Society explores the linked natural and social processes that will shape the future of our fragile planet. We have created a diverse scholarly community impassioned to understand our world’s complex environmental challenges and to empower people to meet those challenges. ”

Amanda Lynch Sloan Lindemann and George Lindemann, Jr. Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies; Fellow, Institute at Brown for Environment and Society

Targeted investment will support IBES scientists working to understand how climate change affects the planet’s water cycle, helping to ensure an equitable distribution of clean water for all. It will aid social scientists in finding ways to eliminate exposure and rebuild community in vulnerable neighborhoods. And it will launch the careers of students armed with the knowledge and aspiration to address global threats of environmental change.

Ensure the future of our planet.

With your support, the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society is answering the call to address complex environmental challenges.

For more information about giving opportunities, please contact:

Darcy Pinkerton
Director of Development for Academic Initiatives
+1 (401) 863-1162
[email protected]

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