Safeguarding History

No other institution has a similar mission; no other specialized library has the same potential to transform the study of the humanities or provide up to one billion world citizens access to their cultural heritage.

Over the 170 years since John Carter Brown purchased the books that launched his collection in 1846, advances in information technology have permitted previously unimaginable access to historical research materials like the Library’s rare books, maps, and manuscripts. These advances, in turn, have paved the way toward new forms of outreach to distant constituencies and communities the world over.

“ Our goal at the JCB is to empower scholars around the world to imagine new ways of understanding America’s shared history through creative engagement with the past. ”

Neil F. Safier Associate Professor of History, Director of the John Carter Brown (JCB) Library

It has never been more urgent to safeguard, distribute, and support the study of world history and culture through primary materials. As a special collections laboratory for new digital initiatives and as a creative hub for new kinds of international collaborations—especially with partner institutions in Latin America—the Library is committed to universal access to its holdings in perpetuity. With your investment, the JCB will support research, education, and access across geographical borders, across linguistic boundaries, and with resolute dedication to reaffirm the importance of historical memory for communities throughout the Americas.

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