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Tapping into the transformative power of dance

After initially pursuing a career in medicine, choreographer Ho-Shia Thao ’09 is putting the complexities of the human experience front and center on the stage.
Brown University leaders Ashish K. Jha and Kim Cobb discuss the intersection of climate change and people’s health, the challenges of our information ecosystem, and how the University’s collaborative efforts are fostering innovative solutions and preparing future leaders.
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Unlocking the full genetic picture

Brown's new RNA center is expanding RNA research and positioning Rhode Island to be a leader in the development of advances to improve human health.
Alumni & Friends

Photos: Relive the moments of Reunion 2024

From newly-minted alumni to seasoned Reunion-goers, Brunonians from across the globe—and generations—returned to College Hill for Brown Reunion.

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Across the globe, Brown alumni are making extraordinary things happen every day.
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The impact of philanthropy to Brown is transforming lives on College Hill and beyond.
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