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The highest honor bestowed upon a Brown graduate who exemplifies the University's mission to prepare alumni for lives of “usefulness and reputation”.* 

* In the words of Brown's charter

Spencer R. Crew ’71, P’00, P’04

Spencer Crew imageBy creating innovative and inclusive exhibitions and public programs, Spencer Crew has dedicated his long career to making history accessible to the general public. His groundbreaking work “Field to Factory: Afro-American Migration 1915–1940,” which was on exhibit at the Smithsonian for nearly 20 years, generated a national discussion about migration, race, and the curation of historical exhibitions. He also co-curated “The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden” which is one of the Smithsonian’s most popular exhibitions.

Spencer is an active member of the academic and cultural communities, serving on many boards that work to spark the public’s interest in history. He is a past chair of the National Council for History Education and serves on the Board of the National Trust for Historic Preservation as well as the Nominating Board of the Organization of American Historians. Spencer has been selected to The Organization of American Historians' Distinguished Lectureship Program, a speakers bureau dedicated to American history and speaking to diverse audiences across the country. He currently serves as the interim director of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture.

A past president of the Brown Alumni Association and two-term trustee, Spencer has been a longtime volunteer for the University and currently serves on the Slavery & Justice Advisory Board.

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Honors a lifetime of outstanding and wide-ranging volunteer service to Brown.

Darcy A. Travlos ’84, P’20

In her 35-year tenure as an alumni volunteer leader, Darcy Travlos has served in many roles: alumni interviewer, Women’s Launch Pad mentor, longtime leader of the Class of 1984, class events guru, and active board member and vice president of the Brown Club of Fairfield County. No matter the role, Darcy has always been an outstanding leader and unwavering supporter of the University.

Scott D. Westerfield ’79

Scott Westerfield has been making lasting contributions to the Brown community for more than four decades. Having served in leadership roles for his class, the alumni interviewing program, the BAA Board of Governors, and the Brown Club of Orange County, Scott has been a constant, positive presence in the life of the University and its alumni.

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Honors distinguished, continuing volunteer service to Brown.

Naria B. A. Halliwell ’97

Whether serving as a class leader or an alumni interviewer, Naria Halliwell has long been a dedicated Brown volunteer. Once a member of student government, and a class leader since her senior year, Naria has always worked to bring classmates together through innovative events and communications. A member of the powerhouse Class of 1997, Naria was a member of the class leadership team that planned the class’s outstanding 20th Reunion in 2017.

Cynthia “Jill” Scobie ’58, John Reistrup ’58, Jim Furlong ’58

By developing an exceptional communications strategy and digital plan, Jill, John, and Jim (the Class of 1958 Communications team) have done outstanding work keeping their class meaningfully connected over the past several years. Now in its 11th edition, their interactive class newsletter is so popular, it is being included in the Brown University archives.

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For outstanding volunteer service to Brown by young alumni in any field of alumni engagement, recognizing young alumni for their hard work, love of Brown, and ability to set an example for their peers.

Max H. Clermont ’11 MPH’12

Max Clermont is a tremendous asset to Brown. Consistently active as a volunteer and leader since his days on College Hill, Max has become a champion for first-generation students and alumni. From being a founding member of the BAA’s First Generation & Low Income Alumni Advisory Committee to launching regional first-gen care package events, Max is often at the center of many of the Brown’s new forward-looking alumni initiatives.

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Recognizes a commitment to diversity and collaboration that strengthens the University community.

Kenneth H. McDaniel ’69, P’13

An outstanding leader, advisor, and collaborator to many generations of Brown men and women, Ken McDaniel was also a cherished friend to countless members of the Brown family. Ken was dedicated to serving his alma mater since his days on campus as the spokesperson for students in the 1968 Black Student Walkout, and he continued to serve Brown through the years as a thoughtful voice for students and alumni alike. His deep commitment to Brown and his confidence in what the University could achieve reflect the dedication, optimism, and integrity of the award’s namesake.

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Honors one or more young alumni (undergraduate alumni from 1-14 years out) whose volunteer fundraising efforts in the prior fiscal year distinguished them as rising leaders and contributed significantly to the Brown Annual Fund’s success.

Hudson L. Collins ’11

The determination, leadership, and enthusiasm of Hudson L. Collins ’11 as co-chair for the Class of 2011’s 10th Reunion Gift Committee motivated thousands of young alumni to donate nearly $1 million to the Brown Annual Fund during the 2020-21 fundraising year. Hudson has also served on the Brown Annual Fund Young Leadership Council for more than 10 years, as co-chair of the council for multiple terms, and as a member of the Brown Annual Fund Executive Committee.

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For the undergraduate alumni class that demonstrates extraordinary commitment to the University by achieving the highest participation in giving through the Annual Fund.

Class of 1958

For the fiscal year 2021, the Class of 1958 had a very impressive 38.6% participation — beating all the other classes for participation in the Brown Annual Fund for the second consecutive year.

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Honors a volunteer whose efforts played a critical role in achieving the Annual Fund’s goals of securing financial support for the University’s highest priorities.

Evan Layne ’06

Under his leadership as co-chair of his 15th Reunion Gift Committee, Evan Layne ’06 helped the Class of 2006 surpass their fundraising goals to become the most successful 15th Reunion fundraising effort since the Class of 1992, with third highest in dollars raised for a 15th Reunion on record. Evan’s enthusiasm, determination, strategic thinking, and personal solicitations of key classmates were critical to the success of the Class of 2006. Evan is currently a member of the Brown Annual Fund Leadership Council, where he continues to inspire fellow Brown alumni to support the University at the highest levels.

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Recognizes a class whose leaders facilitate exceptional engagement among classmates.

Class of 1984

It has been a banner year for the Class of 1984! Classmates developed an outstanding line-up of events for their 35th Reunion, achieved record-breaking participation in the Annual Fund, utilized innovative Facebook campaigns to drive class engagement, and organized world-wide class meet-ups on Carberry Day. The Class of 1984’s dedicated, creative leaders go above and beyond the call of duty to ignite class spirit and drive class engagement.

Class of 1969

The Class of 1969 threw the net wide to engage as many classmates as possible in planning for their 50th Reunion, and the 17-member Reunion Activities Committee worked diligently for more than a year to plan an exciting, inclusive, and uplifting weekend for all classmates. With programming that included behind-the-scenes looks at the 1968 Black Student Walkout and the creation of Brown’s Open Curriculum, the Class of 1969 hit it out of the park with their 50th Reunion!

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For the class that most embodied the spirit of philanthropy at Brown over the last year through their dedicated outreach and support of the Brown Annual Fund.

Class of 1981

The Class of 1981 has been a fundraising force for years, and continued this momentum as they celebrated their 40th Reunion in 2021. The Class of 1981 raised $1.89 million for their Reunion Class Gift to the Brown Annual Fund, propelled by the highest number of volunteers in the history of the 40th Reunion. The Class of 1981 actively engaged their classmates to attend the Virtual Reunion in 2021 and give to the Brown Annual Fund. In addition, they set a new 40th Reunion Leader gift record with 36 Leader-level gifts of $10,000 or more.

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Recognizing distinguished alumni, faculty, and members of the community who support The Warren Alpert Medical School's mission and purpose.


Given by the Brown Annual Fund for extraordinary leadership.

Christian J. Anthony ’96

Christian J. Anthony ’96 served as the chair of his class’s 25th Reunion Gift Committee in 2021. Under his leadership, the Class of 1996 set new personal records in giving and participation. Christian has been an actively engaged volunteer since graduating from Brown. After volunteering as an alumni interviewer, member of the Brown Club of New York, and member of his Class Reunion Activities Committee, he joined the Brown Annual Fund Leadership Council in 2008. In this role, he raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Brown Annual Fund. Currently, Christian serves on the Advisory Council on the College, the President’s Leadership Council, and the Advisory Council on Entrepreneurship. Christian’s passion and commitment to providing equitable access are an inspiration to future Brunonians.

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Honors distinguished service to a class, the Association of Class Leaders (ACL) or to Brown.

Headshot of Jim MoodyJames R. Moody ’58 ScM’65, P’97 earned an SCB and an SCM in engineering from Brown in 1958 and 1965 respectively. From 1959 to1962, he served in the U.S. Navy as a naval officer. He co-founded and served as president of Co-Planner, Inc. — a manufacturer of printed circuit boards — until 2000.

Jim has served as an alumni volunteer for over 40 years. He was vice president of the Class of 1958 from 2008 to 2013 and currently serves as class co-president. He has played a pivotal role in planning his class reunions, serving on the Reunion Activities Committee for his 50th, 55th, and 65th reunions.

Jim took his class leadership to the next level in 2009 when he joined the Association of Class Leaders Board of Directors, serving two terms. He has also volunteered his time as an alumni interviewer.

Jim is a longtime Brown Annual Fund supporter and has served on six reunion gift committees — 40th, 45th, 50th, 55th, and 60th — and as the vice-chair on the 35th Reunion Gift Committee when his son, James S. Moody ’97, was a student at Brown.

In conjunction with Jim’s active class engagement, he has served on the Advisory Council on Engineering since 2003. A longtime champion of annual fund giving, he saw the challenge of having separately recognized annual funds across the University. At a time when a change in annual fund organization was being considered, Jim was one of the impetuses behind the Brown School of Engineering Annual Fund inclusion within the Brown Annual Fund. Finally, Jim counts himself as an avid supporter of Brown Crew.

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For an alumna or alumnus who has made a significant impact in his/her community or society, and who demonstrates an unwavering commitment to public service either as a professional or a volunteer.

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Honors an individual or individuals who have made truly outstanding contributions to fundraising at Brown.

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