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The highest honor bestowed upon a Brown graduate who exemplifies the University's mission to prepare alumni for lives of “usefulness and reputation.”*

2022 Recipient: Lynn C. Pasquerella PhD’85

Lynn Pasquerella headshotLynn Pasquerella PhD’85 has served as president of the American Association of Colleges and Universities since July 2016. A philosopher whose career has combined teaching and scholarship with local and global engagement, she has continuously demonstrated a deep and abiding commitment to ensuring that all students have access to excellence in liberal education, regardless of their socioeconomic background.

Pasquerella joined the faculty of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Rhode Island in 1985, rising rapidly through the ranks to the positions of vice provost for research, vice provost for academic affairs, and dean of the graduate school. In 2008, she was named provost of the University of Hartford. In 2010, she was appointed the eighteenth president of Mount Holyoke College.

Pasquerella has written extensively on medical ethics, metaphysics, public policy, and the philosophy of law. She is the immediate past president of the Phi Beta Kappa Society and a member of the boards of the Lingnan Foundation and the National Humanities Alliance. In addition, she is the host of Northeast Public Radio's “The Academic Minute.” Pasquerella is a graduate of Quinebaug Valley Community College, Mount Holyoke College, and Brown University. She has received honorary doctorates from Elizabethtown College, Bishop’s University, the University of Hartford, the University of South Florida, and the University of Rhode Island.

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* In the words of Brown's charter

For an alumna or alumnus who has made a significant impact in his/her community or society, and who demonstrates an unwavering commitment to public service either as a professional or a volunteer.

2022 Recipient: Jeffrey S. Feingold ’92

Jeffrey S. Feingold headshotJeff Feingold ’92 founded Hope & Comfort in 2011 in an effort to teach his two young children the importance of giving back to the community and to ensure that all people have access to basic and essential personal hygiene products.

For more than 20 years, Feingold worked at Fidelity Investments as an analyst, co-director of research, and portfolio manager in the Equity Division. He currently dedicates his time to mentoring and coaching recent college and business school graduates. He received his A.B. from Brown University and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and enthusiastically shares his knowledge and expertise in an effort to help his organization scale to have the most impact in the most cost-effective and dignified manner.

In addition to his professional experience, Feingold has participated in dozens of philanthropic and volunteer activities over the last 30+ years, including volunteering at a camp for children with cancer; teaching classes to Boston youth on topics such as kindness and journalism; and leading hundreds of volunteers in activities such as renovating schools, and collecting and delivering clothing, food, and other items to those in need.

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Honors a lifetime of outstanding and wide-ranging volunteer service to Brown.

2022 Recipients:

Genine M. Fidler ’77, P’04, P’12

Genine Fidler ’77, P’04, P’12 headshotGenine Fidler ’77, P’04, P’12 has demonstrated outstanding service to Brown through her longstanding and multifaceted engagement. She has been driven by her passion for Brown students, her commitment to engaging the Brown community of alumni and parents, and her drive to expand the University’s positive impact locally, nationally, and globally. A former member of the Brown Corporation, she has served as a co-chair of the President’s Advisory Council on Internships. In this role, Fidler has been a tireless advocate for BrownConnect, the Center for Career Exploration, and Brown’s commitment to enhance career services/advising and expand internship and research opportunities for students.

Preston C. Tisdale ’73, P’10, P’10 MPH’16 MD’16, P’12

Preston Tisdale '73, P'10, P'10 MPH'16 MD '16, P'12Preston Tisdale ’73, P’10, P’10 MPH’16 MD’16, P’12 has a lifelong connection to Brown stemming from his father’s days as the University’s equal employment officer. Tisdale is a former president of the Brown Alumni Association and a former member of the Brown Corporation. He is a past president of Brown's Inman Page Black Alumni Council, and served on the University’s advisory councils on admission and diversity, and the President’s Leadership Council as well as on the Brown Club of Fairfield County and the Association of Class Leaders Board of Directors. Tisdale received an Alumni Service Award and the BAA’s inaugural Joseph M. Fernandez '85 Award for bringing diverse alumni together to make a positive contribution to the University community.

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Honors distinguished, continuing volunteer service to Brown.

2022 Recipients:

Marco Martinez '08 headshotMarco A. Martinez ’08

An active volunteer leader for Brown since graduation, Marco Martinez ’08 has stepped up wherever Brown has needed him. He has served as a class leader for engagement, participation, and fundraising and currently sits on the Association of Class Leaders Board of Directors; as a club leader in the Rio Grande Valley; and as a member of the Advisory Council on Diversity as well as president of the Brown University Latino Alumni Council. Regardless of the role, Martinez’s commitment to advancing Brown’s diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging work has been the thread that connects all of his volunteer efforts, and it has allowed him to utilize his platform to make the Brown community stronger and more welcoming for all alumni.

Mandy J. N. Tachiki ’95

Mandy Tachiki '95 headshotMandy Tachiki ’95 is a Brown volunteer dating back to her days as a student when she was a WBRU DJ, tour guide, resident counselor, Meiklejohn advisor, teaching assistant, and member of the Undergraduate Council of Students. Following graduation, she stayed actively engaged with Brown through the Alumni Interviewing Program, for which she was a longtime interviewer and leader, most recently serving as global chair. Tachiki currently serves as a mentor for the Women’s Launch Pad and co-chair of the Women’s Leadership Council, a presidential leadership council that works to inspire and engage the women of Brown as active participants in the life of the University. Tachiki is a former member of the Brown Alumni Association Board of Governors, the Board of the Brown Club of Northern California, and her 15th and 25th Reunion Gift Committees.

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Recognizes a commitment to diversity and collaboration that strengthens the University community.

2022 Recipient: Eldridge H. Gilbert III ’05

Eldridge Gilbert III '05 headshotA longtime volunteer for Brown, El Gilbert ’05 has been a leader for the Inman Page Black Alumni Council (IPC) since he graduated. Most recently having served as IPC president-elect and president, Gilbert has been a driving force behind the Council’s successful Black Matriculation Campaign, a volunteer-driven effort through which participating alumni have impacted the decisions of hundreds of accepted Black students and increased the number of Black matriculants to Brown. The campaign has given alumni a meaningful opportunity to connect with future students and build strong connections between IPC and students who are already on campus. Additionally, this work has influenced the efforts of other identity-based affinity groups that aim to increase the number of matriculants within their communities.

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Honors distinguished service to a class, the Association of Class Leaders (ACL) or to Brown.

2022 Recipient: Liza L. Boyajian ’82

Liza Boyajian '82Liza Boyajian ’82 has worked tirelessly for the Class of 1982, the Association of Class Leaders (ACL), and the greater Brown community throughout the years. She began her service to Brown and the Class of 1982 as Reunion chair and her success led to various class officer positions, including president, vice president of  communications, numerous stints as Reunion chair, and ultimately ACL president. Always willing to share her knowledge and time, Boyajian conducts well-received ACL training sessions to promote class engagement. Her organizational skills, can-do attitude, and enthusiasm for all things Brown are infectious and serve to draw others to volunteer along with her. Through her steadfast leadership and extensive involvement with Brown, Boyajian serves as a role model for all Brown leaders.

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Given by the Brown Annual Fund for extraordinary leadership.

2022 Recipients:
Charles H. Giancarlo ’79, P’08, P’11; Jeffrey F. Hines ’83 MD’86; and Pamela R. Reeves ’87, P’22

Charles Giancarlo ’79, P’08, P’11; Pamela Reeves ’87, P’22;  Jeffrey Hines ’83 MD’86Charles Giancarlo ’79, P’08, P’11; Jeffrey Hines ’83 MD’86; and Pamela Reeves ’87, P’22 served as co-chairs of the Brown Annual Fund from 2019 – 2022. They began their term by rolling out the newly re-imagined Brown Annual Fund in 2019, and their inspirational leadership motivated volunteers and members of the Brown community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. They finished their successful three-year term by leading the Annual Fund to new heights, reaching $50.1 million and setting a new record for dollars raised. Giancarlo, Hines, and Reeves have demonstrated unwavering support, dedication, and commitment to the Brown Annual Fund.

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Honors an individual or individuals who have made truly outstanding contributions to fundraising at Brown.

2022 Recipient: John B. Ehrenkranz ’87, P’24, P’26

John B. Ehrenkranz ’87, P’24, P’26John Ehrenkranz ’87, P’24, P’26 was a tremendous leader for his 35th Reunion Class Gift, serving as co-chair. His energy and enthusiasm for the Brown Annual Fund and the Reunion Class Gift inspired hundreds of classmates to join him, and with his leadership, the Class of 1987 led not only all of the Reunion Classes, but all classes overall in 2022 for donors and dollars with over $2.5 million raised from more than 500 donors. The class set three new fundraising records for the 35th Reunion, including largest Reunion Class Gift (multi-year), highest dollars raised, and the highest number of Leader donors. Ehrenkranz’s unwavering commitment to the Brown Annual Fund and his continued volunteer leadership continue to make a tremendous impact on the overall success of the Brown Annual Fund.

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For outstanding volunteer service to Brown by young alumni in any field of alumni engagement, recognizing young alumni for their hard work, love of Brown, and ability to set an example for their peers.

2022 Recipient: Orlando E. Rodriguez ’17

Orlando Rodriguez '17Orlando Rodriguez ’17 has been a dedicated class leader since his undergraduate years, leading his classmates through both Senior Week and their 5th Reunion. He is a former member of the Association of Class Leaders Board of Directors, where he led the Board’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Committee. He also served as a member of the BAA Board of Governors and as a volunteer for the Alumni Interviewing Program. During his time at Brown, Rodriguez served on his Class Board as President of the Class of 2017. Additionally, he worked as an Academic Coach and Summer Ambassador. Through it all, Rodriguez’s characteristic good humor and enthusiasm have set an example for thoughtful, engaged leadership.

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Honors one or more young alumni (undergraduate alumni from 1-14 years out) whose volunteer fundraising efforts in the prior fiscal year distinguished them as rising leaders and contributed significantly to the Brown Annual Fund’s success.

2022 Recipient: Alexander D. Hughes ’20

Alexander Hughes '20Since his time serving on the Brown Annual Fund Student Committee, Alexander Hughes ’20 has shown exemplary commitment to supporting the Brown Annual Fund. Through his use of the volunteer portal, Hughes has made a great impact for the Annual Fund, successfully engaging his football teammates to give back, and he has been instrumental in inspiring his fellow classmates to serve as volunteers.

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For the undergraduate alumni class that demonstrates extraordinary commitment to the University by achieving the highest participation in giving through the Annual Fund.

2022 Recipient: Class of 1967

The Class of 1967 embodied the spirit of philanthropy by building class engagement throughout their 55th Reunion in the 2021-2022 year. This led to class participation in the Brown Annual Fund of 40.5%, the highest of any reunion or non-reunion class. Overall, the Class of 1967 exceeded its participation goal and the Reunion Class Gift goal by raising $607,656 through the Brown Annual Fund.

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Honors a volunteer whose efforts played a critical role in achieving the Annual Fund’s goals of securing financial support for the University’s highest priorities.

2022 Recipients: David L. Chiang ’97 and Daniel H. O’Keefe ’97

David Chiang '97 and Dan O'Keefe '97David Chiang ’97 and Dan O’Keefe ’97 worked seamlessly together to lead the class of 1997 to heightened success, working diligently and ambitiously to promote and secure reunion multi-year pledges for their 25th Reunion Class Gift to the Brown Annual Fund. Chiang and O’Keefe were active and dedicated Honorary Co-Chair leaders on the 25th Reunion Gift Committee funding challenges, leading calls, and motivating committee volunteer solicitations. The result was the largest Reunion Class Gift to date, setting a new all-time Reunion Class Gift Record with over $5 million for the Brown Annual Fund. In honor of this achievement, we are delighted to honor Chiang and O’Keefe for a second time with the Brown Annual Fund Co-Chairs’ Award.  

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Recognizes a class whose leaders facilitate exceptional engagement among classmates.

2022 Recipient: Class of 1972

The Class of 1972 truly rallied around creating a signature experience for their recent 50th Reunion. Throughout the year, their extensive planning provided multiple opportunities for their classmates to engage with each other, including hosting virtual events to complement in-person gatherings. Of particular note is the extremely successful class virtual wine-tasting event, demonstrating 1972’s creativity and flexibility in providing special touchpoints to connect classmates back to Brown and to each other. The Class’s Reunion Weekend events were well-attended and participants thoroughly enjoyed the participation of the featured (and highly coveted) University faculty members Barrett Hazeltine ADE’66 hon., GP’06, GP’09, GP’15, Barbara Tannenbaum P’10, and Andy van Dam ADE’68 hon., P’86. Even though Reunion Weekend has passed, the Class is still putting in every effort to maintain strong connections among their peers as they plan a class trip through Brown Travelers in addition to new virtual programs and in-person events.

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For the class that most embodied the spirit of philanthropy at Brown over the last year through their dedicated outreach and support of the Brown Annual Fund.

2022 Recipient: 1982

The Class of 1982 embodied the spirit of philanthropy by building class engagement throughout their 40th Reunion year. These efforts led to setting two new 40th Reunion records: the Reunion Class Gift record and the Leader record. The class also finished second on the Giving Tuesday leaderboard and first on the Brunonians Pay it Forward Day leaderboard for participation. Overall, the Class of 1982 exceeded its participation goal of 35% with a total of 36.9% participation. They also led the way with a reunion class comprehensive giving a total over $71 million, the highest of all Reunion Classes. 

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Recognizing distinguished alumni, faculty, and members of the community who support The Warren Alpert Medical School's mission and purpose.


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