The John Hope Award, co-sponsored by the Brown Alumni Association (BAA) and the Swearer Center for Public Service, is named for the 1894 African American alumnus who dedicated his life to education and community service. With this award, the BAA honors a graduate whose commitment to public service exemplifies leadership, innovation, and a direct impact on the community. The honoree may be a professional whose career is dedicated to public service or a volunteer devoted to public service or social action.

2022 Recipient

Jeffrey S. Feingold ’92

Jeff Feingold ’92 founded Hope & Comfort in 2011 in an effort to teach his two young children the importance of giving back to the community and to ensure that all people have access to basic and essential personal hygiene products.

For more than 20 years, Feingold worked at Fidelity Investments as an analyst, co-director of research, and portfolio manager in the Equity Division. He currently dedicates his time to mentoring and coaching recent college and business school graduates. He received his A.B. from Brown University and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and enthusiastically shares his knowledge and expertise in an effort to help his organization scale to have the most impact in the most cost-effective and dignified manner.

In addition to his professional experience, Feingold has participated in dozens of philanthropic and volunteer activities over the last 30+ years, including volunteering at a camp for children with cancer; teaching classes to Boston youth on topics such as kindness and journalism; and leading hundreds of volunteers in activities such as renovating schools, and collecting and delivering clothing, food, and other items to those in need.

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