This award honors one or more young alumni (undergraduate alumni from 1-14 years out) whose volunteer fundraising efforts in the prior fiscal year distinguished them as rising leaders and contributed significantly to the Brown Annual Fund’s success.

2023 Recipient

Aida S. Haile-Mariam ’13

Aida S. Haile-Mariam headshot photoAs a first-time Brown Annual Fund volunteer, Aida S. Haile-Mariam joined the effort with full enthusiasm as the participation co-chair for the Class of 2013’s 10th Reunion Class Gift. She not only was the Reunion volunteer who sent the most solicitations, but her leadership was also instrumental in engaging hundreds of alumni from the Class of 2013. She demonstrated the importance of connecting with classmates from historically under-represented groups, and single-handedly secured the most gifts from her classmates from culturally diverse backgrounds, many of whom were new donors to Brown. Haile-Mariam resides in northern Virginia with her daughter, and is also active in the local chapter of the Inman Page Black Alumni Council.

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