Since 1979, the Association of Class Leaders has bestowed the Class of the Year Award upon those classes with exceptional programs that facilitate engagement among classmates. The criteria are quality, variety and creativity in communications, class activities, and class leadership.



    Class of 1975

    The class of 1975 has come together over the last two years to plan multiple 45th Reunions: a fully-planned in-person event that was canceled due to the pandemic, an informal virtual class gathering on Memorial Day weekend 2020 (when their original in-person Reunion was to be held), and finally an official, fully-virtual 45th Reunion in April 2021. With each turn, they showed flexibility, creativity, and an ever-true Brown spirit.

    The Class of 1975 has fully embraced virtual events, holding a Virtual Dance Party with a class-curated playlist and lots of dancing, an engaging and enlightening discussion about the class’s experience with racism while at Brown, and then a casual holiday Zoom party. They held their own event during the 2021 Reunion and jumped into the virtual chat space to connect and reminisce. The Class of 1975’s stellar engagement through email and social media has brought the class together by inspiring involvement not just from classmates who were already in touch but also enthusiastically encouraging classmates to participate for the first time. Through all of this, the Class Leaders have grown very close, which has strengthened their devotion to Brown and has encouraged deeper involvement and volunteer engagement.


    Class of 1991

    The Class of 1991 found creative ways to keep everyone engaged with Brown and with each other while celebrating their 30th Reunion during the pandemic. The Class Leaders' efforts during the year leading up to the virtual celebration of their 31st Reunion in April 2021 resulted in the highest number of participants and the largest class gift of all of the Reunion classes. The class approached Reunion year class engagement with gusto, although they could not know for certain if their event would be in-person or virtual. They produced a regular cadence of virtual events and communications utilizing both their website and social media.

    Starting with the Freshman Unit Project, the class leaders utilized hard copies of the 1987 Freshman FaceBook to reconstruct their freshman class units, generating robust discussion and nostalgia on the class Facebook page. A class survey (their fourth in 20 years) provided them with insights into their classmates' feelings, fears, activities, recommendations, and more. The results were shared on the class website and Facebook page.

    The class also got creative with virtual events like “Classmates Tackling the Pandemic” in December of 2020 that tapped into the expertise of two classmates working in infectious diseases and education. In-person Reunion activities on both coasts were scheduled for November 2021 but have been pushed to next spring due to the Delta variant. In the meantime, the class recently hosted a virtual murder mystery event to keep classmates engaged until they can celebrate in person. The class officers have responded creatively to keep their class connected during a very isolating time and continue to think of ways to keep Brown and the class of 1991 central in everyone's minds as their lives get busy again.


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