Since 1990, in honor of the former Alumni Relations reunion coordinator, the Alumni Class Leaders have given the Nan Tracy ’46 Award annually to a class leader who has given distinguished service to his/her class, the Alumni Class Leaders, and/or the University.

2023 Recipient

Barbara Langworthy ’63

Barbara Langworthy headshot photoBarbara Langworthy, a 1963 Brown graduate in applied mathematics, entered the workforce as a computer programmer for Raytheon. There, she worked on missile flight and control system simulations and modeling radio wave communications through various ionospheres and atmospheres of the Earth and Mars, publishing and presenting many papers on the subject for both Raytheon and Parke Mathematical. During that time, she also began volunteering at Brown as a class fundraiser for the Brown Annual Fund. 

In 1977, Langworthy left the industry to focus full-time on raising her sons. Once her children were in school, Langworthy became a full-time volunteer and president of many organizations in the Lowell-Chelmsford, Massachusetts area. She also received her master’s in computer science from Boston University and returned to the workforce as a computer scientist for several companies involved in real-time highly parallel signal processing, varying from missile nose cones to MRIs and digital x-rays.  

Langworthy’s involvement with Brown grew as an alumni interviewer and, eventually, as a class leader, officer of the Brown Club of Vermont/New Hampshire, and, as always, a fundraiser. In retirement, she became a member of the Brown Alumni Class Leaders, where she served as a board member and eventual secretary for nine years. During this time, she also became the class vice-president, president, and currently serves as secretary. 

She was also part of a group that founded the Boys & Girls Club of the North Country, serving as its second chairperson, became certified and taught adaptive skiing. In addition to many functions in her church, she is currently the treasurer of the hospital auxiliary and a local political party. Most importantly, she is a grandmother to two delightful grandchildren.


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