The Brown Annual Fund’s Elwood “Woody” Leonard, Jr. ’51 Distinguished Achievement Award honors an individual or individuals who have made truly outstanding contributions to fundraising at Brown.

2022 Recipient

John B. Ehrenkranz ’87, P’24, P’26

John Ehrenkranz ’87, P’24, P’26 was a tremendous leader for his 35th Reunion Class Gift, serving as co-chair. His energy and enthusiasm for the Brown Annual Fund and the Reunion Class Gift inspired hundreds of classmates to join him, and with his leadership, the Class of 1987 led not only all of the Reunion Classes, but all classes overall in 2022 for donors and dollars with over $2.5 million raised from more than 500 donors. The class set three new fundraising records for the 35th Reunion, including largest Reunion Class Gift (multi-year), highest dollars raised, and the highest number of Leader donors. Ehrenkranz’s unwavering commitment to the Brown Annual Fund and his continued volunteer leadership continue to make a tremendous impact on the overall success of the Brown Annual Fund.

Previous Recipients

  • Gordon E. Cadwgan '36 LLD'66 hon., P'64
  • Bernard I. Fain '52, P'81, P'82
  • H. Anthony Ittleson ’60 LHD'98 hon., P'89, P'90
  • Artemis A. W. Joukowsky ’55 LLD'85 hon., P'87
  • Martha Sharp Joukowsky ’58 PhB'82 hon. LHD'85 hon., P'87
  • David E. McKinney LHD'15 hon., P'80, P'82, P'89 
  • Joseph W. Ress 1926 LLD'66 hon.
  • Ralph F. Rosenberg '86, P’17 
  • Richard Salomon '32 LLD'72 hon.
  • Henry D. Sharpe, Jr. '45 LLD'70 hon., P'77, P'79, PMAT'86
  • Joan Wernig Sorensen '72 LHD'19 hon., P'06 P'06
  • Melvin M. Swig '39 PhB'82 hon. PhB'82 hon., P'83
  • Jerome C. Vascellaro '74, P'07