BrownTogether campaign passes $4 billion mark

As BrownTogether enters its final months, Brown’s community of donors are looking to make history.

In February, with 10 months remaining in Brown University’s ambitious BrownTogether campaign, fundraising in support of the University’s mission and strategic priorities passed the $4 billion mark.

“Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of thousands of Brown alumni, parents and friends, the campaign’s successes to date will benefit generations to come,” President Christina H. Paxson wrote in a Wednesday, Feb. 28, letter to campus. “We are now well-positioned to build on this momentum to increase investments in people, innovative research and education, campus infrastructure and the student experience for the duration of the campaign, which continues through Dec. 31, 2024.”

Since the official launch of the campaign in 2015, donors have supported impactful scholarship, boosted access to a Brown education, funded the growth and improvement of Brown’s physical campus, and enriched the educational experience for thousands of talented students. In the coming months, the University will set the stage for the next chapter of Brown’s excellence by continuing to raise funds in support of teaching and research, collaborative scholarship, financial aid and other important priorities.

In addition to the thousands of community members who have provided support, Paxson thanked campaign co-chairs Joan Wernig Sorensen ’72 LHD’19 hon., P’06 P’06; Theresia Gouw ’90; and Ralph Rosenberg ’86, P’17 and the Advancement team at Brown for their commitment to BrownTogether’s success.

“As we approach the campaign’s final months with plans to strengthen Brown’s impact even further, we look forward to building on this success and doing more to support the extraordinary Brown students and scholars whose efforts are leading to knowledge that betters our nation and world,” Paxson wrote. “I hope you share my excitement about the transformative impact of BrownTogether to date and the opportunity to finish the campaign strong.”

Read the full press release and letter from the president.


Today’s Achievements / Tomorrow’s Aspirations

What the University has achieved since the start of BrownTogether is extraordinary. But the story of this campaign is not bound by what happens between its start and end dates: it has the power to reshape Brown for years to come. 

As the final chapter of BrownTogether begins, we are focusing our efforts on several key areas of support in order to make the biggest impact on Brown today and tomorrow.

A student wearing a white lab coat working in a lab at Brown

Significantly accelerating research and its impact

Over the course of the campaign, the University’s global reputation as a leading research institution has grown significantly. With donor support, we’re aiming to continue to build off this momentum by recruiting and retaining top faculty and researchers, and enhancing the facilities, equipment, and infrastructure that give world-class scholars and students the tools they need to power discovery. 

Brown continues to make an impact in these key areas—School of Engineering researchers are focused on priorities like creating sustainable energy solutions; experts at the School of Public Health are confronting vexing public health issues like the nation’s persistent opioid crisis; and Warren Alpert Medical School scholars are developing therapies for diseases and seeking to unlock the potential of RNA to treat humanity’s most intractable illnesses. In addition to support for faculty and research, major campus building projects—such as the University’s future integrated life sciences building—and modernization and renovation efforts will be among the focus areas for additional fundraising.

Stories of Impact

Scholars gather together at Brown.

Amplifying collaborative, interdisciplinary scholarship for good

Brown has long been known for its distinctive approach to education and academia, blending deep knowledge in many disciplines to address the defining challenges and opportunities of our time. During the last chapter of BrownTogether, we’re seeking to strengthen this collaborative, compelling work that transcends traditional boundaries. 

Additional funding will support Brown’s academic programs in the arts and the growth of the Brown Arts Institute, especially as The Lindemann Performing Arts Center and other facilities in the Perelman Arts District enable even more innovation in arts scholarship. Likewise, BrownTogether’s final months provide the chance to garner additional support for compelling work in the humanities as well as academic initiatives that cross traditional boundaries of study—efforts as diverse as sociologists and environmental scientists partnering at the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society, to computer scientists working with policy experts and humanities scholars on ethical questions brought about by new technologies.

Stories of Impact

Campus during the spring with students gathered on the green at Brown.

Cultivating a welcoming and vibrant educational experience for all students

Over the next several months of the campaign, we’re focusing on priorities that will continue to open doors to a world-class education for brilliant students who reflect a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences and help them excel, both inside and beyond the classroom.

We’ll continue to raise support for key financial aid initiatives, like those that have enabled our upcoming transition to need-blind admissions for international students, and permanently funded full scholarships for undergraduate student veterans. We will work to complete the expansion of the newly launched Center for Career Exploration. And we will seek additional opportunities to support priorities in Brown’s Campus Life and Athletics and Recreation divisions, building on generous investments from donors who have supported new residence halls and athletics facilities as well as initiatives to help students find a sense of belonging, build relationships and develop leadership skills to thrive at Brown and beyond.

Stories of Impact