Multiple opportunities exist for alumni, parents, and students to get more involved with The Warren Alpert Medical School. For more information, contact

The Brown Medical Alumni Association (BMAA) serves as the central organization and primary resource for connecting medical alumni to Brown’s medical school, the University, and the extended medical community.

Brown Medical Annual Fund (BMAF) Committee members serve as high level volunteers who assist with the overall fundraising strategy for BMAF. Members serve as a resource to staff and provide useful insight for planning giving campaigns and stewardship.

Help Our Students Travel (HOSTs) volunteers provide a place for fourth-year medical students from The Warren Alpert Medical School to stay while traveling for residency interviews.

The Medical Parents Committee offers parents of Program in Liberal Medical Education (PLME) and medical students an opportunity to become more involved in The Warren Alpert Medical School. Members participate in special programs and events that provide insight into the Medical School, its programs, and faculty.

Medical Reunion Class Volunteers help build enthusiasm for Reunion Weekend.

Medical Student Ambassadors are a diverse, engaged, and enthusiastic group of current medical students who serve as ambassadors to alumni, parents, and friends of The Warren Alpert Medical School. Ambassadors work closely with the Office of Biomedical Advancement on a variety of activities, including fundraising, donor stewardship, and events.

The Medical Student-Alumni Mentoring Program was established to enhance and create meaningful connections between students at The Warren Alpert Medical School and its alumni.

The Medicine@Brown Magazine Editorial Board serves in an advisory capacity with regard to the magazine’s content, format, editorial policies, distribution, and related matters.

The Advisory Council on Biology and Medicine considers long-term policy and planning issues, strategic directions, and efficacy of implementation concerning the Division of Biology and Medicine.