The Parents Leadership Council is comprised of approximately 50 Brown families committed to preserving and enhancing the quality of the Brown experience and advancing the University's stature. Members seek to inspire support from other Brown parents by making example-setting gifts, engaging in personal outreach, hosting and attending regional events, and welcoming new families into the community.

Brown parents have a strong tradition of philanthropy to the University, both while their children are at Brown and after they have graduated. Brown parents' generosity has repeatedly positioned The Parents Fund as one of the most successful parent funds in the Ivy League. These gifts go to work immediately, sustaining Brown's academic excellence and ensuring that every student has access to all that Brown has to offer.

Robert Wickoff, Jr. P'22 and Alicia Longobardo Wyckoff P'22

“We can think of nothing more important than helping to provide equal opportunity for all by assuring a quality education. It’s clear that Brown makes that happen for so many. We are excited to be part of a parent community committed to the education of all students at Brown.”

Parents Leadership Council Co-Chairs

Members of the Parents Leadership Council:

  • Demonstrate philanthropic support with a minimum annual gift of $25,000 to Brown. Because of the committee's focus on raising unrestricted support for Brown, members are asked to designate a minimum of $10,000 of their gift to The Parents Fund
  • Attend two council meetings per year: one on campus during Family Weekend, and one in New York City in the late winter
  • Connect with select Brown families annually to invite their support of The Parents Fund or otherwise foster their engagement with Brown
  • Welcome incoming families to Brown
  • Host regional events for fellow parents (optionally)
  • Build their own relationship with an institution with which their children will have a lifelong affiliation

If you would like more information about the Parents Leadership Council, please contact

Ashia Graziano
Associate Director of Parent and Family Giving
[email protected]

Brown wouldn’t be the institution it is today without its history of generous parent supporters. With this forward-thinking philanthropy from parents, we can sustain and grow the University's excellence in both education and accessibility. We’re inspired to make certain that Brown continues to be the place our son knows and loves.

Katie Gledhill P’21 and Brent Gledhill P’21 Parents Leadership Council Co-Chairs
Photo of Katie Gledhill P’21 and Brent Gledhill P’21

2020-2021 Parents Leadership Council


  • Katie Gledhill P’21 and Brent Gledhill P’21
  • Alicia Longobardo Wyckoff P’22 and Robert Q. Wyckoff, Jr. P’22

Members by Class Year:


  • Elizabeth D. Blume, M.D. ’86, P’24 and Ben M. Willwerth, M.D. P’24
  • Andrea Enright P’24 and Brady Enright P’24
  • Donna H. Lloyd George P’16, P’24
  • Paula Madoff P’22, P’24 and Eric Madoff P’22, P’24
  • Rebecca C. Parkhill ’89, P’24 and Robert J. Willett ’89, P’24
  • Patricia L. Riskind ’88, P’17, P’24 and Gary T. Pickens, Ph.D. P’17, P’24
  • Mara Lozier Shore ’89, P’22, P’24 and J. Christopher Shore ’88, P’22, P’24
  • Charity L. Dong P’24 and Edward D. Dong P’24
  • Carol Gardey P’22, P’24 and Oliver K. Gardey ’90, P’22, P’24
  • Sarah A. Safer ’92 P’24 and Alexander Bakal P'24
  • Alexander Dubitsky P’24 and Pamela Tillinghast Dubitsky P’24
  • Mayumi Mitchell P'24 and Craig Mitchell P'24
  • Jonathan Leibner '92, P'94 and Mimi F.A. Foldes '95, P'24
  • Lisa Bhimani, M.D. '91, P'24 and Anish Bhimani '91, P'24
  • John G. Morris P'24 and Michelle Morris P'24


  • Marion C. Annau P’23 and Reza R. Satchu P’23 
  • Andrin Bachmann P’23 and Mala Bachmann P’23
  • Dominique Bravo P’23 and Eric Sloan P’23 
  • Colin Callender P’15, P’23 and Elizabeth Callender P’23
  • Marcia Dunn, M.D. ’82, P’23 and Jonathan Sobel P’23 
  • Lawrence H. Fong, M.D. P’19, P’23 and Nina Loh, M.D. ’87, P’19, P’23
  • Hui Hong, M.D. P’23 and Steve Kao, M.D. P’23 
  • Andrea B. Kutscher P’18, P’20, P’23 and Lawrence M. Kutscher ’86, P’18, P’20, P’23
  • Alexandra E. Mandis '95, P'23 and Steven G. Mandis, Ph.D. P'23
  • Priya S. Pandit, P’20, P’23 and Rajiv T. Pandit, P’20, P’23
  • Lauren O. Rosenkranz P’15, P’23
  • Chris Heine P’23 and Deborah Heine P’23
  • Helena M. Skarstedt and Per J. Skarstedt P’23
  • Deepak Munganahalli P’23 and Veena Munganahalli P’23


  • Kimberly D'Ambrosio P’22 and Louis D'Ambrosio P’22  
  • Tamara E. Deckey P’22 and Jeffrey E. Deckey, M.D. ’88, P’22
  • Mark M. Dowley P’21, P’22 and Megan W. Dowley P’21, P’22 
  • Jason Ding P’17, P’22 and Jennifer Wang P’17, P’22
  • Teresa C. Kratzman P’16, P’22 and E.A. Kratzman P’16, P’22 
  • Ashley B. McDermott P’18, P’20, P’22 and Jeffrey A. McDermott P’18, P’20, P’22
  • Alison A. Miller P’19, P’22 and Joseph E. Miller P’19, P’22
  • Deepti Mittal P’18, P’22 and Suneet Mittal, M.D. P’18, P’22
  • Carolyn Okin P’19, P’22 and Steve A. Okin ’79, P’19, P’22
  • Emily R. Steinman P’19, P’22 and Steven J. Steinman ’88, P’19, P’22
  • Philip D. Wey ’82 MD’86, P’19, P’22
  • Marc Montagner P’22 and Mary Kae LaRose P’22


  • Lisa Ryan-Boyle ’87, P’21 and H. Perry Boyle, Jr. P’21
  • Ching Chung P’21 and Jun Ma P’21
  • Reva G. Fischman P’19, P’21 and Eric B. Fischman P’19, P’21
  • Kerin McCarthy Fredman, M.D. ’84, P’17, P’18, P’21
  • Elizabeth A. Irving P’16, P’21 and John K. Irving P’16, P’21
  • Ashley Gordon Jacobs ’91, P’21 and Bruce N. Jacobs P’21
  • Jayne A. Kurkjian-Siegel ’84, P’19, P’21 and Stephen F. Siegel SCM’83 PHD’85, P’19, P’21
  • Joan Siff P’19, P’21, P’21 and Lawrence A. Siff ’84, P’19, P’21, P'21
  • Kevin Ka Kay Yip P’21
  • Jennifer Kim Zeller ’90, P’21
  • Zhuang Zhuang P’21 and Jun Fan P’21

Parents of Alumni

  • Jacqueline B. Bechek ’80, P’10, P’14
  • Tracy E. Elstein ’86, P’20 and David M. Togut ’86, P’20, Immediate Past Co-Chairs
  • Elena T. Kissel ’81, P’13, P’17
  • Lisa Lebowitz P’16, P’19 and Michael Cader ’83, P’16, P’19
  • Robin Roberts P’20 and Peter Roberts P’20
  • Nadia B. Sopher P’20 and Edward D. Sopher P’20