Who knew keeping in touch with classmates could be so much fun?

You can help classmates sustain their relationship with Brown and with each other. Whether you’re in a reunion year or in between, learn about current opportunities to help fellow alumni celebrate your shared Brown roots.

Help your class leaders with:

  • Producing a class communication (newsletter, website, email, social media post)
  • Planning a Reunion Weekend class event
  • Executing a WRAParound event by joining forces with a Brown Club or University event
  • Running for an elected or appointed position
  • Have another idea? Let your class leaders know!

Become a class leader

Class leadership is a great way to support Brown and stay connected with your class. Class leader elections are held every five years in the spring following your Reunion. Terms begin on July 1 and end June 30.

The President, in conjunction with the class leadership, develops and implements plans for class activities, communications, and fiscal responsibility of the class treasury. The Class Presidents model facilitative leadership that actively solicits diverse input into inclusive class decision-making. The Class President(s) should stay up-to-date with University initiatives and ensure that their classmates are informed and engaged.


The Vice President of Communications coordinates communications to the class. They develop and manage a class communication strategy in cooperation with the class leadership. They ensure representation of diverse perspectives and lived experiences in telling the collective class story. They keep the class informed on University and class news through email and social media, and ensure the class website and social media sites are up to date. They are responsible for ensuring class messages use language that is reflective of a wide spectrum of constituencies and identities within the class.


The Vice President of Activities works with the class leaders and the Reunion Chair to coordinate class activities. They are encouraged to plan activities to coincide or WRAParound Brown events and to plan mini-reunions that will attract class members who may not otherwise be able to travel to campus, including Brown club events, Brown sponsored events, and virtual events. They are responsible for designing events in a way that is culturally inclusive and try to avoid overlap with religious or cultural observances. They create activities that seek to minimize barriers to participation, including financial circumstances and physical disability. They identify ways to feature a broad spectrum of alumni and other speakers, from a range of lived experiences, in their class and activities.


The Treasurer is responsible for managing the class account, coordinating with the Alumni Relations staff in collecting class dues, and overseeing class disbursements. The Treasurer provides advice and counsel on pricing—events, dues, etc.—that minimizes barriers to participation based on economic circumstances.


The Webmaster updates the class website as outlined in the class communications strategy and works in conjunction with the Vice President of Communications or the Communications Chair. The Webmaster will work with Alumni Relations staff to ensure their web-design approach aligns with general accessibility guidelines and best practices.

The Diversity and Inclusion Chair(s) cultivates a mindset of diversity, equity, and inclusion across class leadership. They work in conjunction with all class leaders, especially with the Activities and Reunion Activities chairs/committees, to ensure that class engagement initiatives appeal to a diverse audience, creating and fostering an open and inclusive environment within class leadership and at class events.


The Reunion Chair works in conjunction with class leaders to help to coordinate class reunion activities, including any activities that may lead up to a successful reunion. They seek input from an inclusive cross-section of alumni in ensuring reunion activities and lead-in events appeal to a broad range of alumni. Additionally, they garner feedback after reunion events to improve on future iterations.


Additional members to support class leaders with particular needs of the class under the guidelines established by the Association of Class Leaders and Alumni Relations. As a member at large, you can serve on committees that form over time including class activities/engagement, reunion activities, DEI, and communications. Appointment of members-at-large who are traditionally underrepresented including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and identity, are encouraged to support inclusive thinking and decision-making within class leadership.

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Why get involved?

Here's one reason: To make sure you have a good Reunion! Phoebe Knowles '96 helped out her class leaders with planning. See where it's taken her:

Reunion opened the door


Phoebe Knowles '96 on her volunteering experience

“ As alumni, we move from having primary relationships with students in our classes and surrounding class years, to having the opportunity and privilege to meet fellow alumni from each and every class. ”

Mark J. Hauser '77