Who knew keeping in touch with classmates could be so much fun?

You can help classmates sustain their relationship with Brown and with each other. Whether you’re in a reunion year or in between, learn about current opportunities to help fellow alumni celebrate your shared Brown roots.

Help your class leaders with:

  • Producing a class communication (newsletter, website, email, social media post)
  • Planning a Reunion Weekend class event
  • Executing a WRAParound event by joining forces with a Brown Club or University event
  • Running for an elected or appointed position
  • Have another idea? Let your class leaders know!

Interested? Reach out anytime:

Why get involved?

Here's one reason: To make sure you have a good Reunion! Phoebe Knowles '96 helped out her class leaders with planning. See where it's taken her:

Reunion opened the door


Phoebe Knowles '96 on her volunteering experience

“ As alumni, we move from having primary relationships with students in our classes and surrounding class years, to having the opportunity and privilege to meet fellow alumni from each and every class. ”

Mark J. Hauser '77