Who knew keeping in touch with classmates could be so much fun?

You can help classmates sustain their relationship with Brown and with each other. Whether you’re in a reunion year or in between, learn about current opportunities to help fellow alumni celebrate your shared Brown roots.

Help your class leaders with:

  • Producing a class communication (newsletter, website, email, social media post)
  • Planning a Reunion Weekend class event
  • Executing a WRAParound event by joining forces with a Brown Club or University event
  • Running for an elected or appointed position
  • Have another idea? Let your class leaders know!

Interested? Reach out anytime:

Why get involved?

Here's one reason: To make sure you have a good Reunion! Phoebe Knowles '96 helped out her class leaders with planning. See where it's taken her:

Reunion opened the door


Phoebe Knowles '96 on her volunteering experience

As alumni, we move from having primary relationships with students in our classes and surrounding class years, to having the opportunity and privilege to meet fellow alumni from each and every class.

Mark J. Hauser '77