I Heart Brown Day 2023

Thousands of Brunonians came together to support what they love most about Brown, raising more than $2.5 million for this Brown Annual Fund giving day.

When it came to giving from the heart, Brunonia had it in spades. According to preliminary results, nearly 3,000 donors helped raise more than $2.5 million on November 14 for I Heart Brown Day. With their gifts to the Brown Annual Fund, these Brunonians supported giving opportunities ranging from financial aid to diversity and inclusion initiatives to internships to our professional schools.

$2.5 million


nearly 3,000


I Heart Brown Day totals include gifts made online through the giving day site, as well as earned matching gift challenge funds and gifts made by phone, through donor-advised funds, and via other methods.

Where to Give on I Heart Brown Day

The giving day may be over, but you can still support today’s Brown students and faculty. Make a gift to one (or more) of the areas of support most meaningful to you.

What is I Heart Brown Day?

I Heart Brown Day is one of the Brown Annual Fund’s biggest giving days. During this 24-hour fundraising event, members of the Brown community show their love for the University with gifts to the Brown Annual Fund—providing vital immediate-use funds for students, faculty, and campus initiatives. Whether it’s academics, financial aid, internships, or diversity and inclusion efforts, the Annual Fund touches nearly every aspect of life on College Hill. It’s a critical part of what makes Brown, well, Brown. With your Annual Fund gift, you can support what you love most about Brown.