Why I Love Brown (Vol. 2)

From once-in-a-lifetime experiences to everlasting memories, Brown alumni and students share what they love most about Brown.

For many Brunonians, Brown University holds a special place in their hearts. Every Brown alum and student has their own story and unique experience that shaped them and their love for Brown.

This year, we once again asked the Brown community to share why they love Brown. Here are some of our favorite responses.

Craig Waters posing in a courtroom

I came to Brown in the mid 1970s from the rural South, where I had been bullied because I was gay. Brown was the first place I was able to explore who I really was in an atmosphere that was nurturing and accepting, even in those early days of the LGBTQ movement. It changed my entire world for the better.

Craig Waters ’76

Before Brown, my plan was to attend a local community college and transfer to any state school that would take me. It was Brown accepting me and financially aiding my journey that allowed me to broaden my horizons and explore the many possibilities of what my future could be.

Maya Martinez ’25

Maya Martinez outside on the Brown campus during winter
Atabey Sanchez-Haiman black and white photo

I love Brown because it values community. The connection with Brown doesn't end at graduation as there are many opportunities to stay connected and volunteer. Just yesterday, I FaceTimed with one of my Brown professors who has always been there for me to advise, mentor, and celebrate achievements with, and I consider him part of my family.

Atabey Sanchez-Haiman ’95

Brown provides a safe and inclusive environment for Black students like myself. The professors here genuinely care about our success and foster a deep learning experience that emphasizes understanding the material. Additionally, the University offers exceptional administrative support, from academic advisors to career services, ensuring a well-rounded and empowering educational journey.

Kamala Kenny ’24

Kamala Kenny on the Brown campus
Photographof Anna Maria Antippas

I spread my wings and became who I am today at Brown University. I felt happy, safe, strong, and inspired there. I made friendships that have lasted to this day and acquired the tools to lead a successful life, both professionally and personally. I ♥️ Brown!

Anna-Maria Antippas ’06

Brown is where I can discover what I love. Here I’ve discovered that I love writing creative nonfiction, explaining organic chemistry concepts, applying Spanish in the medical context, playing in a band, and so much more.

Jaehun Seo ’24

Jaehun Seo outside at sunset

Everything. Every. Thing. I loved it so much I didn’t go on study abroad because I didn’t want to miss a single day, never mind a whole semester. Ever true!

A Shy but Proud Member of the Class of 1988

Matt Bond Borghesani dressed as pirate

I got to do real science (and make real science mistakes!) as an undergrad while working with cutting-edge technology and a real purpose. It launched my career in biotechnology and then teaching. Brown offered freedom and experiences like no other university could. I had the space in my academics and the access through the University to make this happen.

Matt (Borghesani) Bond ’92