This is what $3 billion looks like

How did BrownTogether reach $3 billion? What does it mean for Brown? We’ll let the numbers tell the story.

aerial shot of campus at sunset


In fall 2021, the BrownTogether campaign reached its initial $3 billion fundraising goal. It’s an impressive achievement...but what does it mean? 

We’re highlighting noteworthy numbers and milestones that showcase the benefits $3 billion has brought to our students, faculty, and staff —and how the full might of the Brown community helped us get there.


Thus far, 67,347 have contributed to the campaign, making gifts of all sizes. They represent every corner of the Brown community, from alumni of all ages to parents to current students to friends of the University.


#1 fundraising year in Brown history

Fiscal Year 2021 was the most successful fundraising year in Brown’s history, with a whopping $430.5 million raised. The University community came together to reinforce the importance of Brown's teaching, research, and service to society—all against the backdrop of a global pandemic. It was a time that saw Brunonians do what they do best—help others in need, including many of our students. Throughout the 2020-21 academic year, they benefited from more than $25 million in contributions to address COVID-19 needs, including the pivot to remote learning, emergency student support, and faculty research that aided Rhode Island’s response to the pandemic.


$347 million raised for undergraduate financial aid

Expanding access to a Brown education for the most talented students (regardless of their financial circumstances) is one area where we can make a real difference. Our donors agree. 

Since the start of the campaign, they’ve contributed $347 million for financial aid. More than $110 million has been raised specifically for The Brown Promise, an initiative that replaces loans with scholarships in all University-awarded undergraduate financial aid packages. Brown has seen a 71% increase in the matriculation of veterans as donors committed more than $21.3 million to support their attendance. In addition, the Inman Page Black Alumni Council Brown Annual Fund Scholarship has raised more than $2.7 million since 2018 to provide financial aid to exceptional Black and African American students.


11 endowed chair positions

At Brown, endowed professorships are more than just an academic title. They help the University recruit scholars at the top of their fields, retain faculty who are both outstanding educators and researchers, and expand the depth and breadth of expertise in emerging areas of importance. Over the course of the campaign, donors have supported 18 endowed professorships in the Division of Biology and Medicine, 18 in the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, 11 each in brain science and economics, and eight in public health. Endowed faculty positions have also allowed the University to increase the number of faculty from historically underrepresented groups from 58 in 2014-15 to more than 100 this year.


15+ newly established research centers and institutes

The best way to accelerate groundbreaking research is to promote collaboration. During the BrownTogether campaign, the University has established multiple research centers and institutes to better integrate and strengthen expertise across campus. Donors have been inspired to support centers for Alzheimer’s disease research, accelerated cancer treatment and prevention, economic research, community child health, and alternatives to animal testing. The University Library received one of its largest gifts ever to establish the Center for Library Exploration and Research, and the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship just celebrated its five-year anniversary. Nothing spurs innovation like working together. 


$328 million raised for the Brown Annual Fund

For BrownTogether to be successful, we knew we’d need strong annual giving. The Brown Annual Fund provides the University with immediate-use funding to respond nimbly to unexpected challenges and emerging opportunities. It supports Brown where it’s most needed, including key areas like financial aid, athletics, diversity and inclusion initiatives, the professional schools, and more. During the campaign, the Brown Annual Fund has seen unprecedented growth, moving from an average of $36 million raised in the first two years of the campaign to an average of $45 million over the past four years. Since 2017, it has also maintained more than 30,000 individual donors per year, proving there is truly strength in numbers.


$180+ million raised for athletics

Athletics at Brown is more than just competition. Our student-athletes develop universally applicable skills like leadership, collaboration, resilience, and time management as they pursue Ivy League titles and individual athletic achievement. To support their growth, donors have helped the University revitalize spaces for crew, lacrosse, field hockey, football, ice hockey, and more with more than $65 million in gifts to facilities priorities. In addition, alumni and parents have funded multiple endowed coaching positions to ensure that our student-athletes receive outstanding guidance and mentorship throughout their time at Brown.


3,000+ internship and research opportunities

Brown has strengthened its reputation for educational innovation and experiential learning through the growth of BrownConnect during the campaign. BrownConnect gives students access to a global network of Brown alumni, parents, and friends and offers high-quality summer internships and research opportunities—more than 3,000 since 2014—that complement their academic work and provide them with professional experience. Our donors have committed $32 million to ensure that every student has the opportunity to participate, regardless of their financial circumstances.