What’s next for BrownTogether?

We’re now heading toward $4 billion. See where the next phase of BrownTogether will take us.

When BrownTogether first took shape, one thing became clear: it was going to be the biggest and most ambitious campaign in Brown’s history. It certainly has lived up to its reputation. Since its launch in 2015, the campaign has helped bring scores of brilliant students and top-flight faculty to College Hill, created state-of-the-art facilities and spaces, and solidified Brown’s place as a world-class institution.

Through the generosity and dedication of our donors, we eclipsed our initial $3 billion fundraising goal more than a year ahead of schedule. But, hitting $3 billion was not an ending. It was a sign we should keep going. There’s still so much we can do. 

With a new $4 billion target and end date of 2024, here are some of the key areas where BrownTogether is looking to sustain excellence and break new ground.

Creating an enduring pathway to higher education


Providing a robust financial aid program is at the heart of Brown’s mission. During the campaign, we’ve strengthened our endowed scholarships, grown our immediate-use support from the Brown Annual Fund, and introduced initiatives like The Brown Promise to eliminate loans from all undergraduate financial aid packages.

Building on this success, we will expand these crucial resources in this next chapter of BrownTogether to support additional areas of need—including increased financial aid for student-veterans and moving Brown toward need-blind admission for international students.

Preparing students for life after Brown


Brunonians are tasked with “pursuing lives of usefulness and reputation.” By strengthening career services at Brown, we can equip them to do just that.

BrownTogether is slated to play a big part in a new University initiative to transform the Center for Careers and Life After Brown (CareerLAB) into the Center for Career Exploration and Design, a best-in-class suite of career services programs. The vision for this center reimagines career services at Brown with a more comprehensive program that mirrors the freedom and exploration of the Open Curriculum. It will take students through a holistic assessment of how they would like their lives to look after graduation—including, but not limited to, their occupation.

Within the scope of the revamped center, campaign support will expand and diversify BrownConnect’s inventory of experiential learning options and dramatically increase funding for low-paid and unpaid internship and research opportunities.

Tal Chamdi in front of a brick wall

Tal Chamdi ’23 discovered his love for radiology during his seven-year career with the U.S. Army. Now an undergraduate student at Brown, Chamdi is eyeing a degree in medicine. Thanks to his BrownConnect internship with The Warren Alpert Medical School and the Providence VA Medical Center, this aspiring physician already has some vital, hands-on experience under his belt.

“Being an older student comes with many more real-life expenses. The funding support I received allowed me to fully invest my time and focus into this opportunity.”

Upping our game


At Brown, every student-athlete is also a scholar and an active member of the University’s vibrant community. In both their academic pursuits and athletic competition, they learn about themselves and their core strengths, and gain skills that will help them chart a strong path after Brown.

With this in mind, the Division of Athletics and Recreation has developed a strategic plan that calls for holistic student development, coaches who serve as life mentors, and facilities that help our teams cultivate a culture of winning and wellness.

Support for athletics through the extended BrownTogether campaign will fuel excellence in competition; promote community and leadership among students; and instill the kind of pride that strengthens alumni ties with the University.

Building a healthier world for all 


While Brown has long been considered a major player in biomedical research, support from the campaign has positioned it as a rising powerhouse in cancer and Alzheimer’s research and discovery that can lead to solutions for the world’s most devastating diseases. Building off that momentum, the next phase of BrownTogether will continue to accelerate the University’s work in medicine, brain science, and public health.

The School of Public Health came into prominence as a nationally-recognized institution and valuable resource during the COVID-19 pandemic, helping populations navigate the crisis. With BrownTogether, the school will expand its work in areas of critical need, including the opioid epidemic, children’s health, environmental health, and more.

Understanding our world


Brown has a rich history of innovation and collaboration in teaching and education. Those attributes have also made it the ideal place for discourse and scholarship that transcends boundaries and disciplines.

The arts offer a lens through which we can understand and reimagine every aspect of society—from history and heritage to health and safety to science and technology. In the coming years, the University plans to build on its strengths in the arts and grow the scope and impact of the Brown Arts Institute through the formation of new campus-wide collaborations with academic units and organizations and with the external community. The additional support enabled by the campaign extension will open up new opportunities for students to learn from and create innovative work with faculty and leading artists who are committed to reflecting the world through their art.

Support from the campaign extension will also aid our scholars in expanding the scope of this work and enabling even deeper exploration of the social sciences, humanities, and diversity, equity and inclusion, including: