Community Conversations with President Christina H. Paxson

In the Spring of 2020, President Paxson launched this virtual webinar series as a way to strengthen Brown’s campus and community during unprecedented times. Speakers are invited to provide expert perspectives on a range of contemporary topics relevant to the Brown community.

"Underlying Conditions" // Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America

This virtual conversation series engages various experts on the dynamic and multifaceted impact of COVID-19 on already vulnerable communities of color.

Webcasts // Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

The Watson Institute and its centers and initiatives present faculty lectures on a wide range of global politics and current issues.

Decoding Covid Seminar Series // The Warren Alpert Medical School

Physicians and researchers present virtual seminars related to the novel coronavirus and the present pandemic.

Lectures and Programs // Pembroke Center for Teaching and Research on Women

Academic lectures, conferences, and alumnae/i programs from this interdisciplinary research center that fosters critical scholarship on questions of gender and difference.

Decoding Pandemic Data: A Series of Interactive Seminars // Data Science Initiative

Short talks by experts directly engaged in COVID-related data-driven research activities during summer 2020.

Founder Fridays, Startup Studio, Funding the Future // Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship

Alumni and industry speakers shed light on their own entrepreneurial journeys, the startup building process, and the world of venture capital.

Visiting Artist Archive // Department of Visual Art

Nationally and internationally acclaimed artists have visited campus to give lectures, workshops, critiques.


Faculty in Focus: The Podcast // Office of the Provost

Hosted by Provost Richard Locke, this series features the work of some of Brown's most compelling faculty members.

30,000 Leagues // Policy Lab

This series includes recent discussions on coronavirus-related policies and response.

Podcasts // Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

Features faculty lectures, podcasts, and more about global politics and current issues.

Women's Voices Amplified // Brown Women's Network

Features women from all corners of the Brunonia ecosystem sharing their insights on the big questions of work, life, and living in today’s world.

Possibly // Institute at Brown for Environment and Society and the Public’s Radio

This weekly series, a joint effort with RI’s National Public Radio affiliate, brings together a team of Brown undergraduates and news veterans to tackle listeners’ questions about sustainability.

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