Curiosity. Civic engagement. Leadership.

These are hallmarks of Brown grads. That’s why thousands of you take part in the annual Alumni Elections:

  • You want a say in the future of the University and the alumni community.
  • With elections decided by as few as 50 ballots, each vote truly counts.

2023 elections

The 2023 elections are now closed. Congratulations to our newly elected Brown Alumni Association officers: Amra Sabic-El-Rayess '00; Harry Holt '84, P'16; Steve Owens '78, P'17; and Ivon Rodriguez de Perez '00 EMBA'16! They will assume their positions on July 1, 2023.

Which positions are elected, and who can vote?

Alumni Elections include both the Brown Alumni Association's elected officers and the Corporation's elected trustees. Which candidates appear on your ballot depend on where you are in the student-alumni journey. In brief:

  • Students who are within one year of completing their first Brown degree vote for New Alumni Trustee.
  • Alumni who graduated up to five years ago vote for New Alumni Trustee, elected trustees, and BAA officers. 
  • All other alumni (all alums who graduated more than five years ago) vote for elected trustees and Brown Alumni Association (BAA) officers.

Trustee Elections


One-third of Brown’s trustees take office through the Alumni Election, ensuring that a variety of alumni perspectives are represented in that body. Most trustees serve six-year terms.

In 2017, the Corporation designated two New Alumni Trustee positions for recent Brown graduates. Three candidates are chosen to run for the two-year position each year by a diverse nominating committee; the candidate with the most election votes becomes the next New Alumni Trustee. 

Brown Alumni Association Officer Elections

(Every other year — 2023 is an election year)

The alumni body selects the BAA’s President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer through the Alumni Election. The previous President-Elect becomes President after a two-year term, for a total of four elected officers who lead the Board of Governors. When the President-Elect becomes the new President, they also begin a six-year term as a member of the Board of Trustees.

Who's serving now?


Reach out to the Alumni Leadership Team at