Why I Love Brown

From cherished moments to life-changing experiences, Brunonians share why Brown holds a special place in their hearts.

Ask a Brunonian why they love Brown and you won’t get the same answer twice. Each has had their own unique Brown experience and reasons why it holds a special place in their hearts. 

We asked some Brown alumni and students why they love Brown. Here are some of the responses that warmed our hearts.

Kevin Murphy's four-year-old son walking through the tunnel at Brown Stadium.

I fell in love with Brown when I was four years old, walking under the tunnel to find our seats at a Brown football game. I love the ivy and concrete — the beauty and grit. I was home and I didn’t even know what “home” meant.

Kevin Murphy ’96

Pictured left: Kevin Murphy's four-year-old son at a recent Brown football game.

I love Brown's supportive, collaborative, and interdisciplinary community! Due to the Open Curriculum, students here are not siloed into one discipline. Instead, we are varied and embrace all of our academic interests. At Brown, I can pursue interests in French, psychology, cognitive science, public health, economics, visual arts, and so much more! The possibilities are truly limitless here.

Anne Wang ’24

Anne Wang posing by the seaside at sunset

I was accepted to Brown in 1950. Within a few weeks of schooling, my dad lost his job. Brown came through with a scholarship for me. That's why Brown holds a special place in my heart and why I, in turn, created an endowed scholarship for a Brown student through my will.

Howard Fielding ’54

I love Brown not only for making it possible for me to stay in school and obtain a multi-dimensional education, but also for taking bold action to participate in the creation of a more just and inclusive society.

Susan (Au) Doyle ’73

Susan Doyle sitting while wearing a flower crown and a Brown shirt.
Dave Morris smiling at an event

In five words: Brown made me into me. From my Brown experience, I learned how to learn. I learned how to become anything — especially the person I wanted to become. I made great friends and discovered how to live a life of usefulness and reputation.

Dave Morris ’88

Brown gave me the opportunity to be myself, but also discover who I was going to become. I was fortunate to have the chance to play for the Bears women's basketball team, which had been my goal ever since I was a child.

Sheila Dixon ’13

Sheila Dixon on a basketball court sitting while holding a basketball
Cameron Curney smiling at the camera

I can wake up, go to breakfast with some folks who enjoy new age auto tune synth rap,  then go to an engineering lab where my group is enthusiastic and excited to get hands-on experience with professionals in the field. I can follow that up by tossing the Frisbee with some of the nation's premier Ultimate Frisbee athletes. What it feels like to go to Brown is being a part of an amalgamation of people who love the same things you do, plus discovering new things to love. All consistently. Every semester a new piece is added to the amalgamation. It's dope.

Cameron Curney ’24