Homefield advantage

Thanks to an accelerated construction timeline and the continuing support of donors, Brown's lacrosse and soccer teams will soon have a facility that rivals the best in the northeast.

With 42 Ivy League championships and 47 NCAA Tournament appearances combined, Brown University's lacrosse and soccer teams have cemented themselves as championship level. Soon, they'll have a new facility that matches their quality of play.

Very soon, in fact. The University broke ground on the Center for Lacrosse and Soccer at Stevenson-Pincince Field in June 2019. By February 2020 the $22.5 million, state-of-the-art complex will be ready for the lacrosse teams to practice, train, and compete in their new home.

Honoring a tradition of excellence

"The University values the student-athlete experience and wants to enhance it by creating environments that help our teams succeed both on and off the field," said Director of Athletics Jack Hayes. "Our lacrosse and soccer programs have a rich history, and this modernized facility will ensure their longevity for decades to come."

Thanks to leadership gifts to men's lacrosse and support from alumni and families from both sports, the site is on schedule to be completed for the start of the upcoming lacrosse season. With less than $5 million in fundraising still needed to stay on target and reach funding goals for the center, there is an opportunity for fans of each of the four programs to have a notable impact. From outfitting locker rooms to upgrading equipment, the funds generously provided by alumni, parents, and friends are propelling this historic project over the finish line.

“ The University values the student-athlete experience and wants to enhance it by creating environments that help our teams succeed both on and off the field. ”

Jack Hayes Director of Athletics

"As our team returns to campus this fall, the players are eager to see the progress of the center and know that they will be benefiting this year," said Mike Daly, head coach of men's lacrosse. "The speed of this undertaking is a testament to the leadership of the University, demonstrating their belief that a facility of this caliber reflects Brown's respected stature in the league and the potential for our program to continue to win championships."

Every player's dream

Brown men's lacrosse team during a huddleWith dedicated team locker rooms accessible through the field, a training room for treatment on practice and game days, and a modern stadium experience, the anticipation for opening day is well founded. "I think the stadium will create a new dynamic; you can already feel it," said Sydney Cummings ’21, captain of the women's soccer team. "There is excitement and anticipation leading up to the big reveal. We can imagine how awesome it's going to be when the stadium is done, and we walk in and play for the first time."

Cummings noted that the planned rehabilitation space will be vitally important to collegiate athletes, helping them get the treatment they need. Additionally, the floor plan moves coaches' offices from adjacent buildings nearby to house all four programs under one roof.

"The new stadium is every player's dream," she said. "It's going to make a difference for every player that calls that field home."

(September 2019)

For naming opportunities available in the Center for Lacrosse and Soccer, please contact:
Kim Insalaco ’03
Senior Director of the Brown Sports Foundation