If you’re one of Brown’s 600+ elected or appointed class leaders you’re automatically a member of the Association of Class Leaders (ACL), and the ACL Board of Advisors is here to help you!

What is the ACL?

The ACL works to keep alumni engaged in the Brown community, while the ACL Board of Advisors—elected by the ACL—upholds the very best of Brown’s spirit and traditions and supports class volunteers (e.g., class presidents, vice presidents, secretaries, treasurers, webmasters, communications managers, etc.) through mentoring, training, and by providing the tools that class leaders need to lead effectively.

Reach Out on Facebook and Instagram

You can keep in touch with other class leaders on the ACL Facebook page and Instagram account where you'll find direct access to an online community of volunteers with decades of collective experience. Need some ideas for class engagement on your class social media channels? The ACL Facebook page and Instagram account are your one stop resource! Feel free to start a conversation thread on any volunteer-related topic such as event planning and communicating with classmates.

    More Helpful Resources for Class Leaders:

    Class Leader Toolkit

    This is your go-to resource to learn about class leader responsibilities and tools to help you build class engagement.

    Virtual Engagement Toolkit

    Developed by the Alumni Relations staff, the Virtual Engagement Toolkit will help you plan, organize, and execute virtual class activities.

    Class Leadership Webinars

    The Basics

    Experienced class leaders share best practices on class engagement planning and communications and a wealth of tips and resources. Watch now. (35 minutes)

    Class Engagement in a Virtual World 

    ACL Board Members and experienced class leaders share knowledge and tips—including highlights from the Virtual Engagement Toolkit, a case study on virtual events, and strategies on how to best leverage social media. Watch now. (45 minutes)

    Inspired Class Leadership

    Covers the ins and outs of class leadership in today’s evolving environment, including resources to foster deeper engagement with your class. Watch now. (45 minutes)

    See What’s New

    Read the most recent ACL newsletter.

    ACL Class Leader Mentoring

    Would you or your class leadership team like some one-on-one mentorship on a specific area of class leadership? Perhaps some guidance on class engagement, communication, or virtual events? To find out more, email [email protected] or reach out to your alumni relations liaison to be connected with an ACL Mentor.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    Encourage other Brunonians to volunteer!

    ACL Board of Advisors 2020 – 21

    • President: Harry Holt ’84, P’16
    • Vice President: Sarah Gomel ’06
    • Secretary: Barbara Langworthy ’63
    • Treasurer: Petros Perselis ’10


    • Salsa Ahmed ’11
    • Krista Bradley ’86
    • Michelle Frea ’14
    • Miriam Gonzales ’87 P’20
    • Didier Jean-Baptiste ’09
    • Zachary Langway ’09
    • Michael Mancuso ’98
    • Marco Martinez ’08
    • James R. Moody ’58 ScM’65, P’97
    • Berit S. Muh ’64
    • Gabrielle "Gabby" Napolitano ’03
    • Haru Okuda ’94
    • Steve Owens ’78, P’17
    • Jade Palomino ’07
    • Jennie Kerson Pritzker ’00
    • Terri Denning Sevilla ’82
    • Robert "Bob" Sherman ’69 P’98
    • Joshua B. Spector ’96
    • William "Bill" A. Tanenbaum ’76
    • William "Bill" Taylor ’75
    • Stephanie A. Vasquez ’13

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