Brown Traditions: Loui's 5am challenge

Nothing says "all night study session" better than a dawn breakfast at the most beloved diner in town.

Maybe you've just finished a 20-page paper for your political economy course. Or maybe you're on your way back from a party way over on Wickenden. Either way, it's dawn, and you're hungry.

Your destination is Brook Street. Perhaps you feel like a lemming, doomed to follow some innate directive over the cliff, but hey, you’re a Brown student, and in this one case, there’s no question and no discussion: it’s time for the Loui's 5am challenge.

The right way—nay, the only way—to cap off an all-nighter is with a Drunk Johnny Omelette and a steaming cup of coffee at Loui's. (Why Loui's? Why not Louis'? The apostrophe is part of the mystique. And if a grammarian should open her mouth in dismay, simply put a forkful of Loui's french toast in it. Case—and mouth—closed.)

Let wanna-be dives all over Brooklyn try their best: Loui's has over 70 years of hard-earned ambiance. There’s the famous red-and-white striped awning, the family photos, and a painting of Louis himself, who has since passed on to the diner in the sky.

Say what you want about any other hangout, but never rag on Loui's. Like Robert Arellano put it in an essay for The Brown Reader, when it’s 5am with a broken heart, "Those home fries taste better than anything I've ever eaten in my life."