We are grateful to Brown alumni worldwide who have kept the Brunonian spirit alive, through online gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic. With increasing portions of the population being vaccinated, we are optimistic about the prospects for improved public health and safety in the near future. Currently, however, and until further notice, the University and the Brown Alumni Association are not hosting or sponsoring in-person alumni events. We will monitor changing conditions and update this policy as appropriate based on public health guidance.

To help keep alumni and friends of Brown safe, we are providing the following guidance for alumni who are considering organizing and/or hosting alumni gatherings in person. 

We encourage alumni everywhere to act with caution and prudence, even in areas where local public health conditions are improving, or where public gatherings are not limited or banned, and may have differences for indoor and outdoor venues, and may also have limits or bans on food and alcohol consumption at such gatherings. All alumni should observe local regulations that govern group gatherings and mitigation measures such as mask wearing, social distancing, and hand washing.

Meanwhile, until we can safely convene in person, Brown is pleased to deliver high-quality online alumni activities, and we will eagerly support alumni who wish to organize online alumni events themselves. For information and ideas about doing so, check out our Virtual Engagement Toolkit, or email the Office of Alumni Relations for more information.

(Updated May 11, 2021)