As told by alumni: 10 reasons to return for Reunion

Debating whether to dive in and come to Reunion this year? Here are a few reminders of what makes this weekend so special.

Whether you’re already registered for this year’s Reunion Weekend or you’re just starting to think about attending, there are many reasons to take the plunge and join your class for an unforgettable experience. This Memorial Day Weekend (May 26-28), classes ending in 3 or 8 and recent grads can fill their schedule with lively social events, insightful forums, delicious meals, and, of course, iconic traditions like Campus Dance and the Commencement Procession. 

Reunion is a special time for Brunonians from around the world to come together and strengthen their ties to our community. Returning alumni always have a lot to say about the unique "Brown magic" that makes Reunion Weekend a cherished event for alumni of all ages:


1. Tap into an extraordinary community of thinkers and doers.

“ The human interaction at Brown and with alumni still feels pretty special and different from what I find in so many other experiences over many years. ”

At Reunion, you’ll connect with a diverse range of alumni beyond your immediate circle of friends and class year. Meet someone new while grooving to the music at Campus Dance or engaging in stimulating discussions at a forum or class event. Reunion is a great opportunity to expand your network (and your perspectives) and forge meaningful connections. Who knows where it could lead?

2. Experience the Procession down College Hill—from a whole different perspective.

“ The cheering while walking down College Hill was more enthusiastic and filled with love than I had recalled from graduation fifteen years ago. ”

As an alum in the Commencement Procession, you get to bestow well wishes and school spirit upon new graduates and your fellow alumni.

The Procession entails a march through the iconic Van Wickle gates and down College Hill. In an “inverted sock” pattern, the earlier class years go first and sequentially watch each class year march by, culminating with all alumni enthusiastically cheering on the graduating seniors.

3. Campus Dance: need we say more?

“ We are all young, all old, all beautiful. ”

One of the most beloved traditions of Reunion Weekend, Campus Dance brings together alumni, students, and their families for a magical evening of dancing and mingling under the stars. It’s a not-to-miss spectacular event.
Whether you go black-tie or in tie-dye, whether you swing, twist, disco, or just plain get down, everything goes at Campus Dance! Celebrate alongside thousands of other Brunonians at the year’s biggest outdoor party as you float between the College Green and Simmons Quad under a sky lit by hundreds of paper lanterns.
The open-air campus celebration boasts 11,000+ participants—and as a member of the Brown community, you'll have something in common with every single one of them.

4. Swing by your favorite culinary spots for a nostalgia-inducing bagel, cookie, or falafel wrap.

“ Yes, Bagel Gourmet still reigns supreme. Also, the Ratty has sparkling water on tap and I’m very jealous of all the youth now. ”

“ So many of my Brown memories are linked to food— nime chow at Apsara; lemon chiffon cake at Pastiche (which we had made into our wedding cake almost 20 years ago); Del’s Lemonade. In between catching up with friends, professors and campus, we revisited them all. ”

Show your family the familiar tastes of your time at Brown, from refreshing frozen lemonade to supersize Meeting Street Cafe cookies. From picking up lunch on Thayer to enjoying fine dining on Federal Hill, you can’t go wrong!

5. It’s a chance to share the Brown spirit with your family.

“ I came to Reunion so I could introduce my children to Brown. ”

Share your Brown experience with the people who matter most. Walk past your old dorm, stop by your favorite study spot, or take your partner, children, or extended family on a campus tour to relive the treasured moments of your past.

6. Discover familiar faces around every corner.

“ It's like a giant treasure hunt, where old friends are hidden about the campus. You just have to wander and find them. ”

It's an emotional and exhilarating experience to reunite with classmates, catch up on each other's lives, and witness firsthand their growth and transformation since your undergraduate days. Whether it's reminiscing about old memories or sharing new stories, Reunion is a time to rekindle those long-lasting connections that have stood the test of time.

7. Get back in touch with your 18-year-old self.

“ I spent the weekend soaking in all of the greatness of our community and remembering and honoring the place that gave me my voice and wings. ”

“ We go back and look at these experiences and how it molded us and how it shaped us, and it was a good time. ”

As a student, you probably looked a little different, dressed a little differently, and ate much more late-night Jo’s than you do now… but you may be surprised by how returning to Brown connects you to your younger self and those formative years. 

As you recall your past experiences and catch up with old friends, you may rediscover the passions and interests that drove you way back when. Embracing this connection to your past can provide a new perspective on your current life and inspire you to pursue new goals and aspirations.

8. Seeing campus again will put you in the mood to reminisce…

“ It just triggers so many wonderful memories. You look at the buildings and say I had a class in there, I had this professor over there. There are a lot of good memories hidden in various corners of the campus. ”

Spend some time during the weekend revisiting your former study spots, grassy fields, and (if you stay in the dorms) even your old living quarters to see how the campus has evolved.

9. …and find out how Brown’s campus has changed since you last graced its grounds.

“ How much Brown has grown! How many buildings I didn't know. ”

Take a self-guided tour of Brown’s new campus in Providence’s Jewelry District or simply wander through College Hill and explore all the new additions. 

10. FOMO be gone!

“ It's the biggest party in Rhode Island....and more fun than I could have imagined! You gotta do it! ”

Don’t be stuck scrolling through your friends’ photos. Make sure you’re there in person. Still on the fence? Take it from these alumni: just go for it! You'll be glad you did. 


Are you in?

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