More than a thousand companies offer varying levels of corporate match for their employees' philanthropic interests. Direct your matching gift to Brown and the University will recognize you for the full amount of your own gift plus the resulting corporate match. To find out if your employer (or your spouse's employer) has a matching gift program, please enter the company name below.

Don't forget to look up the company from which you retired or on whose board you serveā€”it may match your gift to Brown. If your company offers matching gifts, please contact your human resources department for details on how to apply.
Completed forms can be mailed to:

Brown University
Gift Cashier
Box 1877
Providence, RI 02912 USA

Thank you for multiplying the impact of your gift to Brown University. If you have questions or need assistance, call Brown's Matching Gift Coordinator at +1 (401) 863-3633.

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