Digital Enhancements

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Rewind to your years on campus with favorite hits from the year you graduated. Songs were curated from alumni submissions as well as Billboard's Top 100. 



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Gifs for Social Media

Spruce up your social posts with custom Brown Reunion stickers — your IG and Facebook feeds have never looked so good!


A Taste of Brown

Get into the Reunion spirit by sampling the tastes of Providence (or, at least the tastes of the Ratty). Check out these iconic Brown recipes, cocktails, and more.

Food Recipes

Let the sweet smell of nostalgia waft into your home kitchen. Wish you could revisit Chicken Finger Fridays? Or perhaps you’re craving a magic bar from the Ratty? Enjoy something savory or sweet—with a side dish of Brown reminiscence—with your friends and family.

Cocktails, Mocktails, and Versatile Beverages

Looking to make a cocktail or mocktail to enjoy as a lead-up to the weekend’s festivities? Dive into some special recipes to get you into that Reunion “spirit.” 


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