Commencement & Reunion Weekend

Reunion & Commencement Weekend 2021 will, assuming public health conditions allow events of that size to safely take place, be held from April 30 to May 2, 2021, following the end of the spring term. Our festivities have moved from Memorial Day weekend because of the temporary shift to a three-term academic calendar, which will make it necessary for seniors to depart campus in early May to accommodate summer-session students.

On this historic weekend, we will bring back both the Reunion 2020 classes (those ending in 0’s and 5’s) and the Reunion 2021 classes (those ending in 1’s and 6’s) for a once-in-a-lifetime double Reunion & Commencement Weekend where we will cheer on graduates of the Classes of 2020 and 2021. The weekend will feature special events for reunion classes, a traditional Commencement celebration for the Class of 2021, and a uniquely Brown Commencement celebration for the Class of 2020. Further information will be available soon on Brown’s Commencement website.

Our plans for 2020–21, including Reunion & Commencement Weekend, are based on the best current available data and public health recommendations. However, there is still great uncertainty about how the pandemic will evolve, and our community should be prepared for further changes or adjustments to the calendar.

Learn more about plans for the coming year in this July 7 message to the Brown alumni community.

Other events

All admissions tours and information sessions are temporarily suspended. All prospective and admitted undergraduate students will be invited to learn about Brown's campus through the University’s virtual tour and other means. Learn more at the Undergraduate Admission page.

Regional in-person alumni events of any size scheduled before April 13 are cancelled or postponed. Some events are being held virtually, where possible. For events scheduled April 13 and into the summer months, event organizers may consider holding their event virtually, if possible, or postponing to a later date.

In alignment with a decision by the Ivy League on March 11, all  Brown spring athletics competitions and practices have been cancelled. A decision about the fall is expected in July.

More information and updates from the University

For other coronavirus-related questions and updates, please visit for the latest news and information.

How alumni can help students

On March 12, the University made the difficult but necessary decision to move to remote learning and for all students to return home, except those in exceptional circumstances. Since then, we've received numerous inquiries from alumni asking what they can do to help. For those interested in helping, we've put together some information on how you can support Brown students during this challenging time.

Stories of Brown alumni making a difference

Across the globe, Brunonians are helping their communities during this crisis. Whether they're on the frontlines, working with students, supporting their neighbors, or helping via virtual connections, we want to hear (and maybe even share) their stories. If you know an individual whose work deserves recognition, tell us their story and nominate them here.

Stay connected to the Brown community

As social distancing and hunkering down become a way of life, it's important that we continue to support one another and find ways to stay connected. Keep in touch with the Brown community by following us on social media. We'll be posting the latest updates and sharing stories from across Brunonia.

Online offerings and services for alumni and friends.

At home because of the coronavirus? There are oodles of digital services, activities, and platforms you can be using right now. From Rosetta Stone to meditation sessions to podcasts, learn about the online services available to the Brown community.

Latest correspondence from the University

July 7
A  Message to Brown Alumni: Brown's plans for 2020-21 and Reunion 2021
From Brown Alumni Association President Sara Leppo Savage '90, P'22 and Vice President for Alumni Relations Andy Shaindlin '86

May 6
To Brown Alumni: Decision regarding Reunion Weekend 2020; Planning for safe reopening
From President Christina H. Paxson

March 27
Maintaining Our Community While We're Apart [video]
From President Christina H. Paxson

March 26
A Message to Alumni in Reunion Classes
From Brown Alumni Association President Sara Leppo Savage '90, P'22 and Vice President for Alumni Relations Andy Shaindlin '86

March 24
To Brown Community: Brown Commencement and Reunion Weekend
From President Christina H. Paxson


(Updated July 2020)